Untimely Observations

Just say "No"

I mentioned in a recent podcasted conversation with Richard Spencer that the way forward for men was for them to start saying "no." A "hard, paternal no" was the exact quote, I think.

Welmer from The Spearhead riffed on a similar theme today with "The Exaggerated Danger of Speaking Your Mind."

I know a guy who did time for felony weapon-dealing and then won a Marxist, Latina social worker to his side in a custody dispute. The kicker? This guy had a swastika tattooed on his back in prison and was a known gangster. He won custody, too! And then he proceeded to knock up another girl and father four more babies in addition to the two he already had. Despite heavy drinking and cheating, he's still got a devoted wife - and a successful business.

I've also known guys who were decent, honest, hardworking and careful men who got hauled into DV diversion programs despite never having laid a hand on anyone - man or woman - in their entire lives. Men who innocently compliment coworkers get dragged before HR on sexual harassment complaints. The men who follow the rules consistently get nailed. They are hated for being obedient, polite and compliant.

The men who let women push them around and dictate the rules of engagement aren't necessarily being rewarded for it. In fact, women may terrorize them like Helots -- to remind them of their servile position and keep them in line.

A real sea change in the state of contemporary gender relations will occur when even the nice guys, the average Joes, start standing up for themselves and making their own terms.