Untimely Observations

How to Win: Whistleblowing


You are but one man. Yet you are reading this website, so you are likely to be computer-savvy, verbally capable, and highly politically motivated. You have read innumerable diagnoses and predictions of a gloomy future, many of them all too accurate. But amidst this abundance of prophetic reaction, you have also observed a distinct shortage of feasible plans of action.

We have a plan. We have begun doing something which is both perfectly legal and astonishingly effective. Here is how you can join us.

  1. Get a government, media, or nonprofit job, ideally as a system administrator
  2. Obtain emails and files demonstrating wrongdoing
  3. Upload them to the Internet as an anonymous whistleblower
  4. Only quit a few months later, well after the firestorm

To understand why your actions will be so devastatingly effective, we begin by acknowledging that America as we know it is not salvageable.

Its demographic and financial burdens are insuperable and will mean hyperinflation within the next few years with crackup to ineluctably follow. What is worth fighting for is not the United States per se, but the chance to define the ideological conversation in the aftermath.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, the free-market alternative was obvious.1 In the rubble of what was America, men with nothing to lose will be able to speak freely for the first time in decades … but what will they say? Tongues stilled for so long will not simply utter profound truths of their own accord. Any political proposals will be directed at what people believe caused the collapse and will empower the institutions with intact reputations.

Linger on this last point for a moment.

"…the institutions with intact reputations…"

Reputation is an interesting thing. It is, perhaps surprisingly, metered on a one-dimensional scale.

Consider a politician with a policy agenda. A reporter who opposes this agenda is taking the hard road if he engages in point and counterpoint. Far easier to follow the politician around and publish salacious photos. Now the agenda of Congressman "Wide Stance" will be greeted with derision no matter its particulars, because Mr. Congressman has only one reputation meter, and it is irreparably stationed in the single digits.

Or consider an actor with political ambitions. A reputation that brings in millions of dollars in box office is likewise good for millions of votes towards political office. Once again, there is only one reputation meter.

We further observe that (a) reputations are much easier to destroy than to build up and (b) external attacks are far less effective in this regard than verbal self-immolation.2 In our dream world, then, the Washington Post, the EEOC, and the SPLC (among countless others) would permanently discredit themselves before the collapse, such that they had no stake in the aftermath.

Our insight is that this is, indeed, possible, that one man's external push can cause "self-immolation" or verbal suicide. Consider once again the original proposal:

  1. Get a government, media, or nonprofit job, ideally as a system administrator
  2. Obtain emails and files demonstrating wrongdoing
  3. Upload them to the Internet as an anonymous whistleblower
  4. Only quit a few months later, well after the firestorm

Remember that government, media, and nonprofit organizations are seeking people with your talents. Aside from a few notable exceptions, these groups are simply not technically sophisticated and are desperate for computer talent.

You are going to join them. You'll lowball them on your usual figure. You do everything you need to do until you have access to the right files.

And then you will end them.

Can you imagine what it will do to the credibility of the Washington Post once its internal emails during campaign 2008 are spread across the Internet?

Can you imagine what will remain of the SPLC when their internal fundraising strategy discussions and financial statements are available for all to see?

You need not imagine it. You can achieve this now, by yourself, telling no one, requiring no resources other than your own gumption and fortitude.

A million Climategates now. A million ACORNs now. A million Journolists now.

Leak anonymously and damn them with their own words. The Left cannot counterattack when its citadels are all simultaneously aflame, when every three-letter government agency, two bit nonprofit, and One World advocate stands naked and exposed before the all seeing eye of the Internet.

Join. Leak. Win. Just pick a target and do it.

[To be continued…]



1 -- Leave aside the issue for now of the implementation of that capitalism in Russia. In some former Soviet Bloc countries, like Estonia, capitalism has been a ringing success. In Russia, "capitalism" meant nothing more than looting by oligarchs, aided and abetted by the likes of Jeffrey Sachs and the Harvard Economics Department. Now is not the time to go into much detail, but blaming "capitalism" for the problem is like blaming "aviation" for 9/11 or "firearms" for the LA Riots. In the hands of Anglo-Saxons and those capable of being their intellectual descendants, these things take on a wholly different character.

2 -- This is because external attacks on entity X can cause political supporters to engage in reflexive solidarity. However, widely publicized, indisputable, and literally indefensible actions or statements by entity X which are inconsistent with its perceived mission are so poisonous that supporters will abandon ship or attempt to change the subject. Over the summer, for example, few conservatives could defend BP and few liberals could defend Helen Thomas without risking their own reputations. Highly publicized self-immolation is the surest way to drive reputation to zero.