Untimely Observations

Having a Pogrom Before We've Built the Village

At the risk of boring even myself with this subject: I really don't think it's anywhere near time to be postulating grand political alliances or "anti this or that group" without having anything remotely resembling a political base, or even much of a platform.

Politics is the art of the possible. In America, people of Jewish descent make up a sizable fraction of the population, and an even more sizable fraction of the high IQ population. To put things in perspective: there are more practicing Jews in America than Episcopalians -- the old religion of the WASP elite. Episcopalians and Jews also have virtually identical social and political views, intelligence scores (in fact, Episcopalians score slightly higher than Jews), and make very similar per capita incomes. As far as I am concerned, Jews and Episcopalians are more or less the same thing: upper middle class pasty white people with high IQ. If you want relatively wealthy high IQ people in your political movement: there are more Jews than Episcopalians. If you want to go looking for people whose decadent social views are ruining America, well, there are more Jews than Episcopalians, and you're going to notice more of them, because they look a little different and don't have last names like "Smith." That doesn't make the Episcopalians any less guilty for all the problems they've caused, just because they're "more white" than Jewish people are. That doesn't make Jews any less desirable as political allies than Episcopalians.

Now, my anti-Anglican bias might be a product of my Irish Catholic upbringing, or perhaps it's just my many Jewish friends, coworkers and business partners have made me swallow the philo-Semitic kool aide, but I'm really not seeing an issue here. If a Jew wants to weaken the Managerial state, guard the borders, and strengthen traditional morality, he is my friend and political ally, no matter what his other opinions may be. If some other variety of white person wants me to bow down before the false idol of political correctness, or destroy Western civilization so he can count coup in some ridiculous status game, he is my blood enemy. That means I have more in common with decent men like Mencius Moldbug, David P. Goldberg or Rabbi Daniel Lapin than I do with lily white Episcopalian dirtbags like David Souter, Anderson Cooper or Bono.

Paul Gottfreid is right, incidentally: we Irish-Americans have much to answer for in terms of hostility to the old Sassenach elite and mainstream values. Irish-Americans wielded a disproportionate and generally leftist political influence in America though the 1980s, and had a large role to play in the various countercultural movements in the 1960s and 1970s, to say nothing of their funding of IRA terrorist activities in Great Britain -a sin which I consider more unconscionable than Jewish-American support for Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

Cultural decay doesn't originate from any race or creed; it generally originates from personal decadence. The theory that excluding some ethnic group is going to magically make things all better, or that all the evils of the world originate from an easily identifiable minority is a childish fantasy. The greatest threat Western Civilization faces is ... white people. Until people grow up and realize this, things will only continue to get worse. Tinfoil helmets won't protect us from reality.

Conversely, I refuse to engage in the anti-anti-semetic witch hunt which has plagued the nation over the last 40 years. Ferdinand Bardamau's excellent essay on this subject more or less reflects my attitudes. No group of people should be immune from criticism: not even God's chosen people.