Untimely Observations

Hate Watch


Having just read the Hate Watch bulletin of the SPLC about the cancellation of the American Renaissance conference, scheduled for February 15, I came away with heightened contempt for the "conservative movement." I don't blame the two DC hotels that refused to host the conference for the recent fiasco, or even the Four Point Sheraton at Manassas, which backed out at the last moment. These establishments were properly concerned that those whom Hate Watch describes as "antiracist activists" would vandalize their property and rough up the guests. In today's Western world, and particularly in such decayed former nations as Germany and Spain, the antifascist Left is free to do what it wants, and this often includes going on the rampage against uncooperative reactionaries or stubbornly bourgeois Christians. What is now happening to us is a belated replication of the European "liberal democratic" scene.

Of course, I don't expect the Left to be standing up for someone's right to detail the violent crimes of ethnic minorities. Not that the Left is really against racism. Indeed, it never complains about professors at elite universities who make careers out of trashing whites and in particular white males.

Susan Sontag was allowed to go on publishing in the New York Review of Books, even after she opined there that "the white race is the cancer of humanity." The Left (and here I'm generalizing deliberately) depicts the BNP's head Nick Griffin as a Holocaust-denier. Although Griffin denies that he is, for all I know he may be-or once was such a denier. But leftists of my acquaintance do not object to Holocaust-deniers in general. Among the most honored academic historians have been Eric Foner and Eric Hobsbawm, two lifelong defenders of Stalin, who have repeatedly whitewashed Soviet mass murder.

George Orwell, himself a socialist, noted in the 1940s, that the Left has no objection to mass murderers, as long as they're done by tyrants associated with their side. I expect neither honor nor intellectual integrity from self-proclaimed antifascist, antiracist leftists. They are what they are, the enemies of the open society.

It is what has become of the conservative movement that is truly emetic. Hate Watch interviewed a self-identified conservative, Taylor Somers of the Robert Taft Society, who had invited Nick Griffin to Kenyon College but because of the reaction generated had to dis-invite the speaker. After what happened at Kenyon and more recently, with the cancelled AR conference, Taylor is now "embarked on a path of radical self-examination."

Would this young activist be engaging in the same kind of soul-searching if he had appeared on a panel with a militant gay or an advocate of late-term abortion?  What about a black-consciousness raiser from Harvard like Henry Louis Gates or a Stalinoid history professor from Columbia? Would Taylor object to being seen in the company of any of these conventional leftist types?

It seems the lad is nothing more than a wimp who is terrified of giving offense to the Left. In this respect, he is like the rest of his worthless cause, which can be counted on to support women's rights in some Muslim country but not free speech for victims of leftist hooligans. And by leftist hooligans, I am not referring to critics of Israel or the Republican Party who try to stop accredited movement conservative speakers every now and then.  Nor do I mean those who protest FOX news contributors when they're swinging away in partisan fashion at the Democratic Party. The neoconservative media pounce with delight on such incidents and play them to the hilt. Rather I'm referring to those who intimidate social pariahs like Jared TaylorMichael LevinRichard Lynn-and anyone else who challenges the genetic basis of ethnic egalitarianism. Where are the outcries from conservatives, other than the valiant contributors to VDARE, when these non-programmed members of the Right are kept from engaging in civil, scholarly debate?  Perhaps Taylor will be invited into the company of Sarah Palin and the Senate Republicans the next time they attack Senator Reid for noticing Obama's electoral success as a socially appealing "Negro."

In any case, Taylor is not without job prospects. He should be able to find a berth at Heritage or at AEI, as a celebrant of the "conservative" theologian MLK or as a critic of the excessive moderation of Reconstruction. The movement has enough funding for all the young Taylors of this world, each trying to "reach out." What the movement long ago stopped protecting are people who touch the third rail, that is, those who defend the creators of Euro-American civilization in the way that the liberal establishment encourages black, homosexual, and feminist pride. The conservative movement has no interest in such mavericks. It is too busy attacking Democrats as racists for not doing enough for minorities.

The American "conservative movement" is not an isolated exception in our late modern civilization. It behaves like German Christian Democrats and English Conservatives when it asserts the Left's values as its own, laments any discussion of innate human differences, and focuses on winning elections as efficient managers of the welfare state. I've no doubt that if our liberals launched the equivalent of the German government's "struggle against the Right" (which, by the way, in Germany means everything to the right of the present centrist (really leftist) ruling coalition), Heritage, AEI, and the GOP would run to support it. This seems a justified assumption in view of what I've seen of American establishment conservatism.

For the record, I am no more a white nationalist than a movement conservative. It is whites, including bogus conservatives, who have produced our current state of affairs, which is what Sam Francis characterized as "anarcho-tyranny." The media, education, and government bureaucracy are now being occupied by real or would-be leftist tyrants. This has happened thanks to people such as Taylor Somers, who are busy making nice to the Left. At this point, we don't need Muslims or white-hating minorities to destroy our liberty or our right to say what is politically incorrect in public without being pummeled. The white race, which is the one that American Renaissance celebrates with excessive generosity, is happy to destroy its own legacy of freedom. And in no small way the conservative movement, by turning away from the persecution of the Right, is abetting this destruction.