Untimely Observations

Happy "Freedom Day" to South Africa

The 27th of April is "Freedom Day" in South Africa. This is a public holiday held to commemorate the first 'free' elections when millions of voters, who can be relied upon to vote blindly and unthinkingly for the ANC, were allowed to vote.

The day also marks the transformation of the pariah Apartheid state into the "Rainbow Nation," an event which saw White South Africans suddenly transformed, in the eyes of the Westrn media, from evil, racist Boers to tolerant, enlightened SWPLs. This improvement of image was definitely something worth accepting minority status for.

While all South Africans are grateful for the wonderful gift of freedom, some of them also like to remember the sacrifices made to achieve it. Here is a list of these worthy sacrifices posted on Facebook by one of my South African friends, Raymond Wilson: 

Handing an amazing country over to a Pro-Marxist ANC Government who "negotiated" whilst continuing their "armed struggle"The total breakdown of law and order

 The systematic theft and corruption that resulted in the destruction of world class hospitals

 The replacement of honest and hard working police personnel with former criminals and murderers

 Eroding the once mighty and highly respected South African Defence Force into a ragtag, undisciplined army, where most combat soldiers are over 40 years of age and HIV positive

The corruption that saw the South African armed forces spend US$ 5.5 billion on weapons ill suited to African conditions

The systematic racial attacks on law-abiding White citizens whose only crime was voting in favour of change during the last Whites-only referendums

The orchestrated and senseless attacks on and murder of White farmers

The collapse of the education system, with the government dumbing down standards rather than attempting to improve the state education system

Corruption at every level of government with nepotism at every level that results in family members and friends of the government being awarded lucrative state tenders

The ANC government propping up the Mugabe regime and supplying Africa's most undemocratic despot state with electricity whilst ordinary South Africans suffer with daily power cuts

The militarisation of 3000 ANC youths under the "Narysec" program where they will receive two years of advanced military training by the SADF

The new and unjustified e-Toll system where motorists have to pay toll fee to use existing roads. This practise being brought in without any consultation or negotiation, however "black taxis" are exempt

The list is endless and if this is the price we have had to pay for freedom, I think we'd be better off if S.A. had stayed the way it was under Apartheid