Untimely Observations

Farewell, America

Though the word "historic" has been thoroughly drummed into my head by the cable news cretins, tonight's healthcare vote didn't in the least mark a turning point in American history. It was instead a last shovel of dirt on what was once a decent and free country. Or perhaps it wasn't quite the last. Some patriots might hope that this most recent outrage in Washington will finally "wake up" the American people to socialism ... but if they weren't awaken by the earlier thefts of liberty and bureaucratizations of their lives over the past century, which were comparatively more dramatic, then there seems little reason to believe that they're in a better position to awaken now. I have no doubt that basic healthcare in this country will become dreadful over the coming decade -- imperceptible at first, of course, a dumb doctor here, a waiting list there... However,  I can say that at no time in my life could a man freely contract with a physician for his services and not have this relationship mediated by countless layers of governmental-corporate paper-pushing and price-fixing. There comes a point when every traditionalist moves from searching for remnants of a moral and constitutional order to conserve and begins instead to long for the collapse of the current system.       

Roissy writes

If an alien race ill-disposed to America were to devise a plan to bring the US to her knees as quickly, efficiently, and bloodlessly as possible (so as not to arouse a mighty backlash of patriotic fervor, i.e. survival instinct) they could do no better than what we have done to ourselves over the past 50 years. A plan to drain the nation’s coffers and psyche — not to mention the good will of her allies — with half-cocked schemes to export democracy to shitholes around the world that are constitutionally incapable or unwilling to embrace democracy, coupled with a zeal for importing vast numbers of ethnically (and genetically) antagonistic and listless peasant stock who will vote 2 to 1, generation after generation regardless of the desperate political pandering to staunch it, for socialist politicians and the concomitant racial grievance spoils machine whose gears never stop thirsting for the slick blood of the hated enemy, would break the back of the nation’s people insidiously, cracking each vertebrae in the middle of the night with hairline fractures designed to avoid sudden jolts of pain. Numb any immunological reaction with the soul poison of feminism, enervating porn pills, mollifying technogadget distractions, and a PC shaming mechanism psyche-out that would make Orwell blush, and you have a perfect recipe for destroying a world-bestriding superpower in less than half a century without firing a single shot.

I don’t believe the Americans In Name Only who bought into this plan are stupid. No. It’s much worse than that. They are venal.

I am wishing for the day to come when the traitors swing from the lamp posts. Swing high sweet Benedicts.

Friedman, liberdroids, NYBTimes, RINOs, SWPLs, and the rest of you goddamned filthy fucks…