Untimely Observations

"Do We Look Racist?"

Larry Auster articulates the consciousness of the Whites who attended Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally so well that I've momentarily forgotten all the bad things he's said about me.

Buddy in Atlanta writes:

You wrote:

"Commenters who think that there is some implied racial conservatism in the Beck followers that has the potential of emerging are, I fear, kidding themselves."

The attendees at Beck's rally were eager to show their non-racist bona fides, as in this picture:


And these efforts win them no points with leftists. The liberals at Pandagon, where I found this photo, are tearing these guys apart for being racist--who but a racist would carry around a sign asking "Do We Look Racist?"

L[arry]A[uster] replies:

That is one of the most pathetic sights I've seen. But how can we blame them? The whole society, or at least the right half of the society, sends out the message that this is the way for whites to behave. George W. Bush would literally say, "How can I be a racist, since Condi, my National Security Advisor / Secretary of State, is black?", while Condi, as clueless, tone-deaf, and lacking in taste as her boss, participated in the idiocy. And in addition to being pathetic and weak from a conservative point of view, these eagerly non-racist whites, whether Bush or the white men in the photo, don't see how offensive it is from a liberal or just a human point of view---how condescending it is to use a black person as a prop to demonstrate one's own virtue. So these whites degrade both their own dignity and that of the black people whom they treat as badges, while the blacks who willingly join in the charade, whether Condoleezza Rice or the black man in the photo, are blind or indifferent to how they are degrading their own dignity. That's what right-liberalism does to people--it takes away their humanity and makes them see themselves as symbolic abstractions.