Untimely Observations

Desegregation in the Holy Land


Jews have been wildly overrepresented in Left-liberal movements of the 20th century. One need not agree with Kevin MacDonald’s historical and evolutionary theory of Jewish behavior in the Diaspora to reach such a conclusion.

To take the Civil Rights movement as one example, organization like the NAACP and the Urban League would have languished without the financial and organizational support of prominent Northern Jews such as Jacob Billikopf, Jacob Schiff, and Rabbi Stephen Wise. Black sociologist Kenneth Clark’s (in)famous “doll experiments,” which were cited in the Brown vs. Board of Education decision (and recently reenacted by CNN), were commissioned by the American Jewish Committee. (An interesting discussion of all of this can be found in American Renaissance’sreview of Cheryl Greenberg’s Troubling the Waters: Black-Jewish Relations in the American Century.)

Needless to say, such facts have remained a sore spot for White Nationalists and the hard Right -- and a source of pride for Jewish liberals and neocons.

One critical question the former group poses to the latter goes something like this:

Why is it that Israeli Jews are allowed to define their homeland on ethnic and religious grounds -- to the point of forbidding non-Jews to own land! -- but then American and European Jews promote racial integration and multiculturalism?

It’s a legitimate question, with the assumed answer being that in both cases, it’s good for the Jews, who are well equipped to flourish in an America that lacks a strong Anglo-Saxon identity and in an Israel that possesses a strong Jewish one. (With respect to this asymmetry, some in the racialist Right have suggested that America stop trying to mimic Israel’s foreign policies and adopt its domestic ones.)

An important addendum to all this is that Jews often swallow the liberal poison themselves and suffer from the law of unintended consequences (to borrow one of the neocons’ favored phrases.) “Jewish plots” to, say, get the Goyim inured to birth control, abortions, and non-traditional lifestyles have devastated Jewish communities, too. Moreover, many liberal Jews who fear white anti-Semitism might soon learn that Jews fare much better in a WASP culture than in a Latino, black, or multicultural one.

Whatever the case, for the Ulta-Orthodox Israeli Jews, American liberalism has really hit home:

Ultra-Orthodox Jews Protest School Ruling
Associated Press

JERUSALEM – Tens of thousands of black-clad ultra-Orthodox Jews staged mass demonstrations on Thursday to protest a Supreme Court ruling forcing the integration of a religious girls' school.

Protesters snarled traffic in Jerusalem and another large religious enclave, crowded onto balconies in city squares, and waved posters decrying the court's decision and proclaiming the supremacy of religious law.

There were a few small scuffles, and a police officer emerged from one of them holding his eye, apparently slightly injured.

It was one of the largest protests in Jerusalem's history, and a stark reminder of the ultra-Orthodox minority's refusal to accept the authority of the state.

Also, the throngs of devout Jews showed to which extent the ultra-Orthodox live by their own rules, some of them archaic, while wielding disproportionate power in the modern state of Israel.

Parents of European, or Ashkenazi, descent at a girls' school in the West Bank settlement of Emanuel don't want their daughters to study with schoolgirls of Mideast and North African descent, known as Sephardim.

The Ashkenazi parents insist they aren't racist, but want to keep the classrooms segregated, as they have been for years, arguing that the families of the Sephardi girls aren't religious enough.

It strikes me as highly unlikely that the Sephardi girls indigenous to the region “aren’t religious enough”… a phrase that seems to be the Levantine equivalent of “state’s rights.” Ashkenazi schools and students are better, no doubt, but the real issue is that the Ashkenazi -- that is, European Jews -- simply want their children to be raised among their own kind. It’d be best for all if they just came out and said it.