Untimely Observations

Cyberpunk Meets Alt Right

In the first segment of our new "Author to Author" series, Andy Nowicki interviews Rachel Haywire (www.rachelhaywire.com) -- founder of the annual Extreme Futurist Festival and a seminal figure in the Transhumanist movement -- about her book Acidexia, a sort of "On the Road for the digital age." Then Rachel Haywire interviews Andy Nowicki about his 2011 novel The Columbine Pilgrim.

Acidexia talk: www.swarmstrategies.com/uploads/author-to-author-01.mp3

The Columbine Pilgrim convo: www.swarmstrategies.com/uploads/author-to-author-02.mp3

Purchase Acidexia at www.amazon.com/Acidexia-Rachel-Haywire/dp/0615739334

Purchase The Columbine Pilgrim at www.amazon.com/The-Columbine-Pilgrim-AndyNowicki/dp/1935965115