Untimely Observations

Checked for 'Equality'

The Daily Telegraph reports today that examiners in the United Kingdom are subjecting school exams to equality checks to ensure that they do not discriminate by race, gender, or disability.

They have resorted to counting the number of black and white children pictured in exams to reduce ‘potential’ bias in this year’s tests, it was revealed.

. . .

Ofqual, the qualifications watchdog, [however,] says examiners should go even further to minimise bias for protected groups.

This could result in exam bosses monitoring the performance of gay and bisexual pupils in English, maths, and science tests.

Let us leave aside for the moment the fact that this is a complete waste of taxpayers’ money, and think about what ‘equality’ means in our Western democracies.

Checking for non-discrimination means ensuring that every identifiable category is represented equally. But, in a country that is approximately 90% White, would this not automatically discriminate against its White indigenous majority?

Consider an exam depicting nine children in a country where the three main racial categories are Black, Asian, and White. Ensuring all races are equally represented would mean having three Black children, three Asian children, and three White children—a race distribution that leaves Whites, the 90% majority, as a 33% minority.

That is, apparently, what ‘equality’ means in our society: institutional discrimination against the people who founded the society, defined it with their creativity, funded it with their wealth, and built it into one of the most powerful nations in the world, while recent arrivals who have brought with them little besides crime waves, riots, unemployment benefit claims, disease, overpopulation, strain on our infrastructure, urban squalor, growing deficits, social tension, and the rationale for a thought police, get a free ride.

And this—bear in mind—is happening under a so-called Conservative Prime Minister.

Institutional discrimination starts early. What effect does this have on the White children taking these exams? It is hard not to imagine how they will likely feel that they are only a small part of the society they live in. It is no surprise people care less and less about their society and their country and prefer to hunker in before their television and their games console, snuffing their low self-esteem under bagfuls of junk food and gallons of fizzy drink.

Here is a radical idea: I say children pictured in exams be 100% White, so that their image reminds those who do not look like them that they are here by the grace of the indigenes, who have allowed them to share the benefits of living in their wealthy, prosperous, safe, technologically advanced society, where things work, folk are nice, and there is always plenty to eat. Let the coloured children here be reminded how lucky they are every day.