Untimely Observations

Balkanization and the State of Exception

I recently gave an interview to the "Loyal Opposition to Modernity" blog where I discuss a number of topics that might be of interest to readers of AlternativeRight.Com, including Carl Schmitt, totalitarian humanism and its relationship to ethnic and cultural balkanization, the alternative right, the role of the "anti-fascists" as the thug wing of liberalism, and the Nietzschean critique of modernity, along with some of my own idiosyncratic anarchist views of course. 

Read the interview here.

Keith Preston writes the blog Attack the System, which attempts to tie together both left and right anarchism in a Pan-secessionism against the empire.   While I come from a radically different perspective than Keith, I find his critique of the way many left anarchists are militant shock troops of liberalism to be a serious and disturbing critique as well as the Nietzschean critique of modernity to be taken seriously and not softened as it has been in French post-structuralism.