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Attack of the Frumbots


Tim Mak, a staff reporter at David Frum's modestly titled "FrumForum," has just published a hit piece on Alternative Right that amounts to little more than what Steve Sailer calls "point and stutter." Mak doesn't seem to have read our website very thoroughly -- for he missed out on a lot of juicy material! -- and his entire mode of argumentation could be reduced to him exclaiming, "I can't believe they actually think that!" For in AltRight's mere week of existence, we have expressed sentiments that haven't been heard since the dark, pre-Enlightenment times of "fifty years ago."

Though Mak cherry picked quotes from our 15-minute conversation to support his depiction of me as a reprobate, I don't deny saying any of the things quoted in the piece. Indeed, I think Mak will probably find my ideas even worse after I "put them into context" in this blog! (Plus, it's fun to get inside the mind of a young Frumbot who tries to write like a blogger from Gawker.) So here goes.

The problem with the conservative movement, say the founders of the new webzine, Alternative Right, is that conservatives no longer want to ‘go there’.

“The conservative establishment is… brain dead,” said contributing editor and VDARE.com proprietor Peter Brimelow. “We’re trying to do something cutting-edge,” says editor Richard Spencer.

That’s all well and good, save the fact that the cutting-edge ideas that Alternative Right seeks to promote are actually tired, reactionary ideas that harken back to when people found out there were other races. In fact, their new ideas include concepts that the right largely exorcised fifty years ago, like denying women the right to vote.

The site’s frustration lies in their view that white, male conservatives lack the courage to address issues of sex and race with a sense of superiority. “There are races who, on average, are going to be superior,” says Spencer, with implication in tow.

I said that last phrase (though hopefully not with an ungrammatical "who") after Mak had been trying and trying to get me to utter the dreaded S-word (as in "superiority") while we were talking about HBD. Let me make myself clear: People are different. And this means that some people, and some groups of people, are better at things than others. As I noted at the time, only men of African descent made the 100-meter dash final in the last Olympics (and every other Olympics I can remember), much like every single starting cornerback in the NFL is black. This might all be "culturally constructed," but I doubt it. Moreover, the data from IQ testing worldwide is so overwhelmingly in favor of intractable differences in intelligence -- with results that mirror the Asian > White > Hispanic > Black spectrum in American public schools -- that's it's become extremely difficult for someone like Mak to rationally claim that only tired old reactionaries think that smarts are hereditary.

The problem with conservatism today is that, as Spencer puts it, “the conservative establishment is full of politically correct purists” who lack the courage to take up the mantle of what should be a white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant America.

Pretty much.

It’s tremendously ironic that Alternative Right’s charge against the conservative movement is political correctness, when they themselves hide their sexist and racist ideologies behind the gloss of sweet-sounding, pseudo-intellectual terms.

Instead of spouting racism, Alternative Right is engaging in the much more respectable-sounding analysis of ‘human biological diversity’ and ‘socio-biology’.

I wish Mak had googled these terms before publishing his essay, that way he wouldn't appear like such a philistine. Believe it or not, I didn't just come up with "Human Biodiversity" and "Sociobiology" the other day; the later term actually dates back to the 1970s and E.O. Wilson's monumental study of that name.

Rather than railing against the beast that is first-wave feminism, Richard Spencer’s magazine is actually writing about ‘paleo-masculinity’.

He’s not reactionary – he’s a ‘radical traditionalist’; He’s not castigating race X’s culture – he’s being ‘literary’.

Since when was being a "reactionary" bad? I also don't remember "castigating" anyone's culture, but I'll let that pass.

What makes this all the more ironic [even more ironic!] is that, despite his critique of the right, Spencer was strikingly skittish when I asked if his goal was to make conservatism more ‘racially conscious’. “Racially-conscious? That’s a little bit of a ‘hot word’,” said Spencer.

I do think the Right needs to become more realistic about race. I avoided the term "racially conscious" because at the time I thought it sounded like the kind of ambiguous term Mak was trying to get me to say so he could smear me as a crypto-KluKluxer in his article. Fancy that!

The academic-sounding terminology might be impressive if backed up with anything but hysterics. Instead, Spencer comes out with statements like:

I would actually oppose mass Japanese immigration for the reason that they would most likely push out my children from getting into college. We might have a new Asian ruling class.

Well, I wouldn't oppose mass Japanese immigration because of fear they might use up all the food stamps. And in terms of East Asian immigrants forming a new elite in Western countries, in Australia, it's happening. (Also of note: the fact that Tim Mak proves that East-Asians can become neocons doesn't exactly make me more open-borders.)

Mak was also horrified by the fact that I think

... that having women in the workplace contributes to:

… the wussification of society (and) an economy (that is) far more tame, bureaucratized and far less entrepreneurial.

This sentiment must be particularly vexing for FrumForum, as the website now advocates putting women in combat roles in the war on terror!

It’s tough to classify Alternative Right’s ideology as either left or right, when really the ideas belong in some sort of padded room.

A joke about locking up your ideological opponents -- hilarious!

Spencer is not a Paul-istinian [get it?], for Ron Paul too suffers from the failings of political correctness. “Ron Paul is really not a man who is going to discuss some of these more ‘literary’ issues. He’s not going to discuss, say, America as a Western European or Anglo-Saxon Protestant nation,” Spencer says.

I doubt my criticism of Ron Paul will endear him much to FrumForum readers... And if Mak is outraged at my mention of America as an Anglo-Saxon Protestant country, let me remind him that WASPs founded the damn place. I also suggest Mak ask his employer if he considers Israel a "Jewish country" and what kind of immigration policy he advocates there.

That said, Alternative Right is not a libertarian site. “The state is necessary [to stop] immigration – people are not interchangeable… America is not going to be America if it is Hispanicized,” says Spencer.

Mak's shock at this last quote reminds me a lot of his editor's point-and-stutter routine against Sam Francis in "Unpatriotic Conservatives." In 1994, Francis famously made this axiomatic statement: "The civilization that we as whites created in Europe and America could not have developed apart from the genetic endowments of the creating people." For Frum, uttering this was abhorrent. (It was okay, however, when William F. Buckley and others at National Review said the same thing "fifty years ago," since they later redeemed themselves by bringing people like David Frum into the conservative movement.) If Frum actually believes that genetics are irrelevant to culture -- which I don't think he does for a moment, by the way -- then one wonders how he might want to define "Western culture." What is it? An accident of geography? Some free-floating "values" cloud that happens to hover over America, Europe, and Australia? (Frum, of course, much prefers discussing the "American values" that exhort us to fight the war on terror, spread democracy, and send women into combat.)

* * *

Back in the early '80s, a young columnist for the Yale Daily News named David Frum teamed up with his left-wing editors in demanding that the university seize control of the Yale Literary Magazine, which at the time had fallen into the paleo hands of future Chronicles contributor Andrei Navrozov. Thusly began Frum's some 30-year career of attacking "racists" and "reactionaries" (that is, anyone and everyone slightly to his right), while vigorously insisting to establishment liberals that he's a non-threatening moderate with whom they can deal. AlternativeRight has now played a small role in this saga of career advancement and boot licking

It's likely that in making these recent accusations, Frum expected us to pull at our forelocks and mutter something about how Frum is a liar and we actually do love egalitarianism and women's liberation and think all people are equal. Yadayadayada... Frum would expect this mainly because so many of his targets, including many paleos, have acted this way in the past.

I'm so sorry to disappoint.