Untimely Observations

Of Guns and Monkeys

A bit like in the 1850s, modern American culture has been overtaken by the tendency to polarize, although it seems that it is mainly the Whites doing the polarizing. This of course helps the present two-party power establishment who use cultural polarization to lock in their hold on the political convergence that has been going on at least since the 1950s.

Incidents like the latest school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut are perfect fodder for this cultural polarization, as White Americans once again get all excited about an item of news-candy and fall predictably into two knee-jerking camps, like ionized particles: gun control liberals versus more-God-in-the-classroom conservatives, etc., etc.

Anyway it’s not as if either of these 'solutions' could even be imposed or would work if they were imposed. The sad fact is that the USA is stuck with a slow drip-drip-drip of incidents like this for the foreseeable future.

Events like this, however, can serve some good because they offer scope to challenge the cultural polarization of America and even its political convergence. As with most things in America, behind the issue lies the real issue. Rather than arguing the details of the case, like what computer games the shooter played, or the “surface issues” of gun control vs. the right to bear arms/ kill burglars/ hunt/ feel like a man, etc., the goal should be to get to the fundamental issue underlying it all, the reason why American society is the way it is – and can be no other – and to breach the constant curtain of denial that is draped over this. No points for guessing what is being denied.

Typically when American Liberals argue for something, whether it’s gun control, new styles of education, green policies, better public transport, or welfare, they cite “happy foreign countries,” usually Scandinavian ones, which are still overwhelmingly White (at least in their imagination).

The Liberal utopia is strangely blond and Teutonic. Sometimes Japan and Singapore, which are overwhelming Oriental, get a mention, but, strangely (or not really), they never, never, under any circumstances, cite Black countries. Can't think why.

When you run into your local liberal, banging on about whatever he likes to bang on about – right now it’ll be gun control and related issues (thanks rolling news!) – the thing to do is not to disagree with him. Disagreeing with him will only enhance his Manichean sense of divine righteousness and help the disease of liberalism to make further inroads into his already weakened brain. No, instead agree with him!

When you start agreeing with people, a funny thing happens. Psychologically they also start feeling that they should agree with you about something. This is probably a trait from our monkey ancestors – you know, along the lines of you scratch my back (and pick the parasites out of my fur) and I’ll scratch your back (and pick the parasites out of your fur).

Yes, by all means agree with him. Talk glowingly of a world where little fuckheads like the latest shooter would be forced to carry out a school massacre with a “child safety hammer” (just make up names as you need them). Then once you’ve established your bona fides and made him psychologically indebted to patting your fur in return, talk about the practical difficulties of achieving his little slice of the Liberal utopia – the fact that there is so much crime, fear, and racial division in American society.

Another quirk of the Liberal mind is that when a solution doesn’t work the only thing to do is enlarge the solution. In present day America this means that when local, unenforced no-shooting zones don’t work, the thing to do is to keep stepping things up until they do. What you want to do here is hijack the liberal’s tendency to step things up but with your own ideas.

At this point, while he’s still looking for a chance to pat your fur, tell him that the key to successful gun control is for America to be more like Sweden (the mythical one in which Malmo is not an Islamic slum), and to end racial divisions, and that the best way to do this – at this point use the word “ironically” – is to divide the races “with borders or something.”

Immediately at this point pretend to be fatigued with the horror of the shooting and the news media’s unhealthy obsession with it, and start talking about something else, maybe the price of bananas. You have now successfully 'seeded' your liberal. Allow to simmer for several weeks, then repeat the process with other hot button issues - the environment, education, welfare, etc. - as the media dictates.