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An Afro-American Freakout

Defenders of multiracialism never cease to amaze me, despite their having a long and well-established record of wilful ignorance, dishonesty, hypocrisy, disingenuousness, muddled thinking, and outright inanity. After reading Cleo Brown's yapping in the Hip Hop Republicans' website, I have to wonder whether even the most powerful electron microscopes would be able to detect a brain inside some of these multiracialists' prognathous skulls.

Brown's "rebuttal" to Alternative Right magazine is yet another - and, as usual, spectacularly incompetent - iteration of the old, tired, lazy, clichéd, fallacious, always tedious, and never convincing argumentum ad Hitlerum, riddled with errors and laden with the usual dysphemisms and non sequiturs. After a protracted whine about being denied a doctorate twenty-six years ago and about her subsequent (failed) complaint about her having been victim of "discrimination", she proceeds to characterize the present website as a venue for "White Supremacy" and the website's contributors as being "obsessed with Arian [sic] Superiority".

As you would expect from someone who cannot tell the difference between Arian (to do with the theological teachings of Arius) and Aryan (to do with the Aryan race), Brown has not read the website very carefully. Had she done so, she would have found the argumentum ad Hitlerum already rebutted in my blog of 15 March, where I wrote:

. . . our critics think that the instant we acknowledge that skin pigmentation is one of a suite of traits evincing distinctive patterns linked to different populations, we are going automatically to legislate compulsory castrations, slavery, lynching, hangings, and worse, on an industrial scale. By that logic, then, the abolition of the monarchy in the United Kingdom will lead automatically to the guillotining of the royalty and the aristocracy (it happened in France, after all), the condemning of adultery will lead automatically to lapidations (it happens in some Muslim countries, after all), investing in dotcoms will automatically lead to investor hysteria and a massive market bubble (it happened in the late '90s, after all), and so on. The Lefties (and that includes the faux conservatives) have a cartoonish perception of the world.

And further down that same blog, she would have also found a rebuttal to the facile conflation of high IQ and overall superiority:

The Left abhors hierarchy. But, again, if the Left were not so deeply insecure, Leftists would realize that there is no single hierarchy, but, rather, a multiplicity of possible hierarchies. Human biodiversity does not equal a single vertical scale that orders all humans from inferior to superior, according to their IQ scores. Contrary to Leftist myth, those who accept the existence of human biodiversity understand that a human is more than just an IQ score: general intelligence (what IQ tests are designed to measure) is but one of a multitude of different traits. Because human populations are essentially adaptations, or specializations, to given environments that, over millennia, exerted slightly different evolutionary pressures, humans can be ranked in many different ways, depending on what trait one chooses to look at. The White race originated in an environment that selected for higher general intelligence. And since human groups have tended to invent cultures that reflect their own particular suites of traits, the cultures invented by White - or European-descended - peoples, have been predicated, and indeed placed a premium on, general intelligence. There are regions in the world, however, where the environment selected less strongly for intelligence and more strongly for other traits. It will be found that different cultures assign different levels of importance to different traits, and that, accordingly, the peoples belonging to these cultures may well choose to rank humans as per the traits most important to them. Therefore, while IQ is central to us because it has consequences within our civilization, the study of human biodiversity remains ultimately about understanding man from a multi-dimensional perspective. This is why I find it ironic that the Left tries so hard to rubbish Eurocentrism, when, through their single-minded preoccupation with IQ in discussions of race, they betray, in fact, a quintessentially Eurocentric view. But then again, the Left is and has always been singularly myopic.

In other words, Brown would have found that there is no need for non-European descended peoples to feel inadequate in the face of the science, as the science that so vexes the cacophrenic "anti-racist" ipsedixitists can show superiority for one population or another along a variety of alternative dimensions, depending on the ones chosen.

It is exquisitely ironic that if Brown's diatribe demonstrates anything at all it is the unviable nature of the multiracial society: the latter is so filled with irresolvable contradictions and conflicts of interest that it can never be made to work without a crushing legislative apparatus - without a bloated, ubiquitous, and intrusive government that can only keep the social chanko stew from exploding by regulating, monitoring, recording, and taxing every aspect of a citizen's life. Multiracial societies are always less free. Witness the ever-growing limits to our speech, our thought, and our freedom of association; the ever-growing government-sponsored bureaucracies to dream up yet more limits, monitor compliance, and persecute non-conformity; and the ever-growing taxes to pay for it all. After decades of this in the West, all the multiracialists have to show for their efforts (and cubic lightyears of our money) is a debt-crippled postmodern dystopia, where honest citizens cannot choose whom they want to live or work with, and where one may well be fined and imprisoned for articulating an unapproved opinion. For all the gratuitous references to Hitler and the Nazis, for all the crude commandeering of Auschwitz, this latter point seems to have been conveniently overlooked.

Affirmative action devotees blame their frustrations on non-existent White Supremacy (What White Supremacist society would ever pass laws that advance the interests of its non-White members?). The problem is that these frustrations are not the result of White Supremacy, but the result of the multiracial society that said devotees seek so vociferously to advance. It is because of the multiracial society that African-descended peoples in America have found themselves in a culture where, because it was invented by Whites and, accordingly, designed for Whites, they are evaluated along dimensions where they are less likely to perform very well. Like subcultures, cultures tend to be self-serving, in that they are designed to reinforce a sense of belonging and enhance its members' self-esteem. Hence, why they tend to be unkind to outsiders: cultures do not place a premium on traits that are absent among its members. Without outside influence, a culture predicated on high IQ will, therefore, typically emerge in populations with a comparatively high average IQ - but not in populations indigenous to environments that did not select very strongly for general intelligence. As the evidence suggests that African-descended peoples are in the latter category, it is not surprising that they are often frustrated by the demands of living the high IQ White societies. To combat this and other irritants, the multiracial society has to be structured to penalise excellence and reward mediocrity across the board.  

Obviously, the very welcome abolition of slavery in America ought to have been followed by a progressive repatriation of the former slaves to their continent of origin. This was the purpose of the American Colonization Society, which founded Liberia and enjoyed Black support. Alas, the task was a great one and the multiracialists proved stronger. Since then the situation has been further complicated by generations of admixture, and admixture upon admixture. Years of failure and increasing chaos seem not to have deterred the multiracialists, however, and so the experiment continues. Ultimately, success will not be achieved without driving the White race to extinction and creating a coffee-coloured utopia, where everyone is equally mediocre. The multiracialist program is a monstrosity.

This is why, among other reasons, we object to the multiracial experiment.

One last word: a doctoral thesis does not entitle a student to obtain a PhD, and a university has no obligation to grant one just because work has been completed. What counts is the quality of the work and whether it meets the university's minimum standards of competence.