Untimely Observations

Among Philosophers

Tomislav Sunic makes an unlikely radio host; however, his weekly podcast, “The Sunic Journal,” is one the most important, and certainly the most rigorously intellectual, on the radical right. Many AltRighters have appeared on the show: Alex Kurtagic is a frequent guest; Keith Preston was on the other week to discuss National Anarchism, as well as his own personal political journey; Jack Donovan has been on to consider “The Man Question”; and Christian Kopff stopped by to speak with Tom about Evola and Tradition. (Tom was even nice enough to invite me on the show when AltRight first launched.)

Tom’s interview with the English philosopher and artist Jonathan Bowden was one of the most mesmerizing podcasts I’ve ever listened to! Bowden has the ability to speak in a fashion that’s fluid and immediately intelligible, but then also rich in nuance and reference, and ready-for-the-page. I considered making a transcript of Bowden’s extemporaneous remarks and posting them as an essay. (I’ve been immersing myself in Bowden’s oratory of late, and would also highly recommend everyone listen to his history of Marxism and the Frankfurt School.)

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to have Sunic on the AltRight podcast for a while and found our publication of Benoist’s “Monotheism vs. Polytheism” (which Tom translated) to be a splendid opportunity. Tom gives listeners a primer on the European New Right, and both of us examine further this school’s ambivalent relation towards European Christianity.

This past week I interviewed another philosopher, though this one hailing from a different tradition all together. Dr. David Yeagley, a psychologist, professor, blogger, composer, and enrolled member of the Comanche Tribe, came on AltRight Radio to discuss White Guilt -- from an American Indian perspective -- as well as how a man can be both a Comanche and an American patriot.

Both conversations are well worth your time.