Untimely Observations

AltRight and Its Enemies

It's certainly no fun to work so hard building a beautiful website and assembling a top-shelf group of contributors and then be ignored. So I'm glad that AltRight has ruffled enough feathers for the neocons and anti-racist Left (two groups that curiously seem to agree on quite a bit!) to take note. Peter Brimelow and I, and a couple of others, have already given interviews to a representative of FrumForum.com, and I doubt this was merely a fact-finding mission. Expect an article on us in David Frum's website in the near future. Yes, it's likely that this will be a hit piece, and the interviewer often tried to talk me into an Aren't-You-All-Just-A-Bunch-Of-Evil-Racists? corner. But I generally liked the guy, so I'll remain optimistic that the portrayal of us is fair.

Peter Brimelow discusses this issue on the VDARE blog:

I gave two phone interviews today, one to American Prospect’s Jessica Weisberg, who seems to be working on another version of the John-Tanton-is-the root-of all-evil meme, and FrumForum’s Tim Mak about Richard Spencer’s Alternative Right. (AltRight seems to be upsetting the political hegemonists. Here’s another attack, ludicrously blaming AltRight on me.)

Long experience has taught me to have no particular hope of accuracy or even elementary fairness in articles resulting from this sort of interview. But it struck me that they both ended on the same note. Ms. Weisberg asked me what were Tanton’s “real”motives. (Answer: he’s really interested in TREES, dammit! MORE PEOPLE MEAN FEWER TREES! How much clearer can he make it?) Mak asked me, rather nervously, didn’t I think that covering human biodiversity would lead to accusations of racism. (Answer:everything leads to accusations of racism–deal with it.)


Imagine 2050 -- a site dedicated to celebrating that special year when America will have "no clear racial or ethnic majority" -- has emitted an unsightly pile of factual errors typical of SPLC wannabes. (It'll come to the surprise of many that The American Conservative and Chronicles are "white nationalist" publications!) I generally loathe responding to these kinds of things, even though it's probably necessary. (I've yet to get around to dealing with Little Green Football's Charles Johnson, a man who, to my count, advocates invading every Muslim country on earth, overturning their societies, and converting the people to secular liberalism. This man accuses me of being a dangerous extremist!)

Luckily, Hunter Wallace has skillfully responded to Imagine 2050 for me:

Stephen Piggot of Imagine 2050 has a new article about Alternative Right. This is what passes for “intelligence gathering” on the Far Left. Piggot’s confused article gets the most basic facts wrong. It is sad to think that this stupid hack probably gets paid to monitor us.

Alt Right is Richard Spencer’s new project. Peter Brimelow makes that clear in his VDARE post on the subject. Greg Johnson is the editor of TOQ Online, not Occidental Observer, which is Kevin MacDonald’s blog. Alt Right isn’t a “direct challenge” to Occidental Dissent. We support what they are doing.

The name “Alternative Right” reflects Richard Spencer’s stated agenda: Alt Right is presenting itself as a sleek new challenger to mainstream conservatism and libertarianism. In the introductory video, Spencer pokes fun at David Frum, a clueless neocon pundit. Alt Right was designed to appeal to a younger audience who reject the Left, but who don’t fit in on the stuffy or banal Right either.

The “post-paleos” tend to be more secular than their predecessors. They are more willing to challenge multiculturalism and political correctness; more libertarian on economic and gender issues; more opposed to third world immigration and affirmative action; more interested in men’s issues; more willing to flaunt racial taboos. There is some convergence with our ideas, but the ”post-paleos” (Paul Gottfried’s term) haven’t endorsed a White ethnostate.

Richard Spencer is the William F. Buckley of this social movement. By that I only mean he is the acknowledged leader. It will take years of struggle for Gen X’ers and Gen Y’ers to remove Buckley’s dead hand from conservatism.

I'll have more to say on all this soon.