Untimely Observations

Alternative Universe

I have written before about the need to create an alternative universe, where dissidents can find economic and professional opportunities and sources of status that are independent of those dispensed by the mainstream of culture. This is because many who privately agree with the views of the Alternative Right dare not voice them for fear of ostracism and loss of livelihood: many are, after all, on payrolls and their livelihoods depend on their employers' willingness to continue to employ them.

But what would this alternative universe look like? This is a topic well worth exploring, and to my mind even more important than the topic of what exactly is wrong with the world we live in today and why. We need to be aware of the latter, of course, and keep ourselves well educated and informed; but we must also show a way forward, and do so in a manner that is not only serious but also displays our capacity for humour and fun -- otherwise, the average person out there will continue to perceive our camp as comprised of grumbling old codgers, fearful and suspicious of progress, waving a fist at the world. Who said being a dissident cannot be fun? Only the enemy, of course!

For these reasons, I will start this blog in good style, by giving our enemy a taste of their own medicine!