Untimely Observations

Alternative Right Fitness


Jack Donovan's article "How to Start a Gang: The Co-op Gym" is a practical guide to creating an "honor gang" in the real world around the idea of fitness.  Let's take it farther though -- what do we do once we are at the gym? The same old exercises you do anywhere else?  What if there were are way to incorporate some of the metapolitical and cultural ideas that the Alternative Right talks about in an everyday context?

Introducing The Centurion Method.

The Centurion Method emphasizes brutally difficult (but scalable) workouts using everyday equipment like sledge hammers and large rocks. Unlike Crossfit, the Centurion Method is designed to be done in any possible setting, including a private home, a spot of land outdoors, or even a cemetery.

More interesting than that however, The Centurion Method (while not defining it explicitly) channels many of the impulses that appeal to Radical Traditionalists. Different groups, or "pits," emphasize hierarchy and competition. Different "kvlts" or divisions that emphasize different kinds of exercises, have heavily militaristic overtones.

The aesthetics borrow heavily from black metal, heathen, and post-apocalyptic subcultures, with Germanic runes festooning books and equipment and workouts being conducted in gas masks. The main site boasts, "Using the Guerrilla and Primal training programs we prepare the human body for whatever the cruelty of nature may thrust upon it. Survival of the Fittest is her mantra, death her husband, and the cry of ‘LIFE’ hot on our lips. We do not mess around."

This isn't Planet Fitness -- these are clearly workouts for anti-egalitarians looking to revolt against the modern world. More importantly, these are workouts for the self-conscious “preparatory men,” poking through the ruins of what used to be our civilization.

Why is this important? We already know the Alternative Right can't just be some kind of a nerdy online subculture, trading essays back and forth. However, it's equally futile to try to engage directly with mainstream culture and simply be subsumed by the tide of filth and corruption that passes for civilization. The key is to create sustainable subcultures at every level that can bring in people and show them what being anti-egalitarian means without having to explain it to them. The Centurion Method seems as good as any.

So put down the Mountain Dew and pick up your sledge hammer. The new barbarians are rising from inside the gates of the cursed city – and it's time to swell the ranks.