Untimely Observations

Right Action


Fellow Alt-Righter Matthew Parrott was kind enough to offer his thoughts on my response to the recent atrocity in Norway. His criticisms deserve a hearing, and so I would like to provide an answer to them. Mr. Parrott first asserts:

You’ve essentially dichotomized the Greater War and the Lesser War, broadly condemning bold action in defense of the West as inferior to authentic Christianity.

The spiritual combat is indeed the Greater War. Yet if history is our teacher, physical defense is also required for the survival of a people and culture. Pacifism is out of the question. In no way would I condemn ‘bold action in defense of the West’—the action simply must be justified and ethical. Breivik’s deed was certainly bold, and he perceived it in defense of the West. But beyond that, it was the murder of unarmed civilians, no matter their destructive worldview and political program. Were White Russian agents to massacre a Komsomol camp of future apparatchiks in the Stalinist USSR, such an operation also could not be justified. Killing Stalin and attacking the NKVD would be. To cite Ivan Ilyin once more, resistance to evil with force is necessary, and this notion itself derives from the spiritual principle.

Without your presenting a credible roadmap for defending and preserving the Christian West, you’ve only helped confirm the suspicions of the skeptics among us that we authentic Christians will shrink from the challenges we face, squirting the sort of squid ink this essay amounts to while our ancient faith and homeland perish.

To compose ‘a credible roadmap for defending and preserving the Christian West’ is a heroic task for anyone, let alone a circle of like-minded men. It is of extreme importance, as Parrott says, that strategic-level planning be done. All the same, the priority of my article was to emphasize resistance to evil and all its seductions. I don’t consider this to be in vain. Breivik could have been a hero had he applied his intelligence and capabilities to righteous struggle, but instead he chose evil as his good. Never should men of the West stand idle as their lands and religion are brought to ruin. Let us remember our ancestors who would repulse aggressors like the Saracens and Turks time and again—they knew their duty. We can show ourselves worthy of them by first ennobling our everyday behavior and overcoming fear. Greater endeavors follow logically from there. Mr. Parrott is an activist, and he needs no instruction in this.

Faith without works is dead, is it not? If you believe the Christian faith entails coiling into a priestly asceticism while our throats are cuts [sic], please say so more directly. If you don’t, then please explain how ABB’s [Anders Behring Breivik’s] actions could have been altered to prove compatible with what you’re selling.

Faith without works is indeed dead, just as works without faith pave the road to nowhere. European tradition and culture must be defended, through force when necessary. Alfred the Great, Charles Martel, Richard the Lionheart, Don John of Austria, Jan Sobieski, and Eugene of Savoy would all agree. In my article, the Knights Templar were cast as exemplary defenders of the West, as they were men who united and embodied both the ascetic and warrior ideals.

If Anders Breivik had rejected the temptation to mow down leftist youth, might he have brought those formidable planning skills to bear in a more just and creative undertaking—such as realizing his idea for a rightist youth organization to counter the totalitarian “antifa”, alternative media, or creating local networks to protect Norway’s women from (overwhelmingly Muslim) sexual predators? He could have gained a platform to address and confront the demographic threat to the West by these means instead of committing murderous propaganda of the deed. All such efforts are still worthwhile and could form a stepping stone to Counterrevolution well before 2083.

If you’ve actually developed a plan for our temporal salvation, please direct me toward it. You’re a great writer and I’m sure it would be insightful. If you haven’t, then what moral authority do you have to demand that men like ABB stop trying to figure it out for themselves?

Plans for temporal salvation tend to create hell on earth rather than any millennial kingdom. I appreciate Mr. Parrott’s earnestness, but I wouldn’t demand that men concerned with the fate of their peoples ‘stop trying to figure it out for themselves’. I write to point, however imperfectly, to an authority and Truth higher than the angels and anyone of us, so that the peoples of the West may live nobly to glorify God. To engage in the self-realization of Breivik’s sort, to achieve self-will and rebel against divine law, is shown to be the path of nihilism. In such a case existence becomes pointless—everything is permitted and death is absolute. Each one of us has been granted freedom and a unique calling; each one of us also has a duty- to seek Truth with love in our hearts and resist evil, in word, thought and deed.