The Real Cost at the Pump


It is no secret to AltRight readers that diversity leaves a path of destruction wherever it rears its ugly head, but a less observed causal relationship of the heterogeneous utopia we now live in is the negative impact diversity has on family values. If family values are a cornerstone of viable liberal democracies, then multiculturalists have yet another weapon in their arsenal for razing America to the ground.

One of the earliest voices in American history advocating for the societal benefits of family values was Alexis de Tocqueville who believed the domestic hearth could instill morality into children and modulate the fevered materialism that infected democratic peoples:

“When the American retires from the turmoil of public life to the  bosom of his family, he finds in it the image of order and of peace. There his pleasures are simple and natural, his joys are innocent and calm; and as he finds that an orderly life is the surest path to happiness, he  accustoms himself easily to moderate his opinions as well as his tastes.”

Tocqueville’s admiration for the mores of family life is echoed by social scientists today who blame poverty,  crime, and moral depravity on the demise of the nuclear family unit and the subsequent decline of family values in society. However, the triumph of materialism in even the most  traditional  of  American  households  has  discredited  Tocqueville’s  assertion  that  the domestic hearth could serve as an effective bulwark against the insatiable desire of acquisition. Instead of impeding the market, the American family has been colonized by materialism and ultimately eroded by it from within.

Christopher Lasch has explained this invasion as the natural outcome of uniting materialism with egalitarianism.  In The Revolt of the Elites and the Betrayal of Democracy, Lasch argues that "The  sentimental  veneration of motherhood,  even at the peak of its influence in the late nineteenth century, could never quite obscure the reality that unpaid labor bears the stigma of social inferiority when money becomes the universal measure of value. In the long run, women were  forced  into  the  workplace  not  only  because  their  families  needed  extra  income  but because paid labor seemed to represent their only hope of gaining equality with men.”

Egalitarianism has undoubtedly enhanced the impact of materialism on the female gender, but the  argument  that  women  are  fleeing  the  chains  of  motherhood  because  they  feel  like exploited labor is only a partial explanation for the deterioration of the traditional family. What Lasch casually mentions in passing may actually be more useful in terms of explanatory power: Women are forced into the workplace because their families need extra income.

Since the 1970s, only forty percent of all jobs in America have paid enough to support a family. Lasch  attributes this  to  “the  collapse  of  the  family  wage  system,  under  which  American enterprise, in effect, invested in the single-income family as the best way of domesticating the working class and forestalling labor militancy.” Depressed real wages are certainly an important part of the equation, but labor politics alone do not account for the preponderance of working mothers in America. Consumerism, inflationary monetary policy, and rising gas prices have also made it extremely difficult for single-income families of all classes to meet their financial needs. Yet each of the aforementioned explanations pale in comparison to the unmentionable causal factor.

More than anything else, what has forced women from the home in search of extra income has been the increasing price at the pump for the vehicles of white flight. Diversity has spread to all corners of the country  which means escaping the perils of multiculturalism requires greater wealth than ever before. White families  need White mothers working so White families can afford to live in safe White neighborhoods and send their children to White and Asian schools and thereafter to White and Asian colleges so that they too can repeat  the  cycle of: Make enough money for my family to live removed from diversity.

The heavy financial burden that white flight places on American families has produced two significant  consequences. First,  the  transference of child fostering to institutional  day care centers which are incapable of acculturating children with family values. Next, the strategically low birthrates among Whites frantic to avoid the increased contact with minorities that large families with greater expenses are far more likely to have.  Peter Brimelow offers a similar analysis in Alien Nation when he says that illegal immigration must be understood as a cause of low birthrates among Americans rather than merely a consequence.

Understanding the relationship between diversity and low fertility rates requires little more than basic  arithmetic. Kids cost money. And if they cost too much money, the entire family suffers because  poverty no  longer means living in a safe working class neighborhood of solidarity and trust. It means living in a multicultural hellhole consumed by suspicion, intimidation, and  violence.  Strategically low birthrates are thus the common practice of responsible parents who limit their breeding to the number of children they  can afford to support in a life of self-segregation. The long-term impact of this strategy is producing an irreversible  demographic  metamorphosis  of  America.  Birthrates  of  Whites  will  continue  to decline in  response  to the increasing number of market-rejected diversity workers that are hired by the government and provided with salaries enabling them to penetrate all regions and layers  of  society.  Moreover,  the  expanding  number of immigrants in America will further diminish fertility rates among Whites and accelerate the deterioration of family values.

It is always amusing when forward thinking conservatives like Larry Kudlow argue that diversity actually increases family values because Hispanic immigrants will “become a much-needed churchgoing blue-collar middle class . . . that is crucial to a healthy America.” The myth of Hispanic family values has been debunked even by neoconservative outlets like the National Review. What has not been given due consideration is that in addition to transporting harmful values into America, immigration is destroying the family values of Americans  by forcing responsible parents to breed  fewer children and spend less time at home so they can accumulate the funds necessary to subsidize the great white pilgrimage.