The Carnegie of ShanXi

A friend alerted me to these photos circling the Internet of a recent wedding in ShanXi involving the beautiful daughter of a coal mining boss. Aren't you glad we regulated away all that evil, polluting "dirty" industry -- it clearly brings nothing but trouble.

And in case you think that this is just one lucky/evil man, I'd be willing to wager that most of his employees are saving 30-40 percent of their income, as is the norm in the Middle Kingdom

It's hard not to become a little bit resentful looking at this man's wealth (if not his taste), but he's a far more redeemable person than any of the gods of Wall Street money changing -- an entirely dispensable bunch who've recently been making the big bucks on a dollar carry trade with their buddies at the Fed. (Ben loans you dollars at zero percent interest, you put the dollars in another account -- genius!) Our wealthy coal baron is actually producing something the world wants.