Ben Bernanke: The Avuncular Master of the Universe

Ben Bernanke is an odd member of our Power Elite, in that he seems to innocently believe in all the lies of postmodern financialism. It's probably wrong to imagine any malign intention in the heart of this gray-bearded professor.  In the following clip, Ben demands a pat on the back for charging interest on money he created out of thin air and on a whim. (The Fed is the U.S. government's "profit center," he informs us, as if he's hoping to get a raise from his supervisor.) The fact that every state of every kind has held gold reserves for the past six millennia is, in Bernanke's mind, a quaint "tradition," not too different from the White House Christmas tree.

It is the True Believer in an ideology that will push his ideology towards its ultimate implication--and thus bring about its destruction.

We should be thankful for Ben Bernanke.