Ben Bernanke: Spreading Democracy

George W. Bush spent hundreds of billions of dollars, over 4,000 American dead and nearly 32,000 wounded, all to make Iraq a democracy.

Then Ben Bernanke comes along and prints a few trillion, causes world food prices to spike, and all of a sudden we've got revolutions all over the Middle East, revolutions which have at least as much a chance, maybe better, at making these countries as democratic as Iraq (and Afghanistan) currently are. A dictatorship which looked to last nearly forever, Gaddafi's, is on the ropes and headed for a fall, after years of American and especially European sucking up to it, all because of Big Ben.

Maybe when Bush and the neocons got their grand idea to invade the Middle East and turn the Muslim countries into democracies, they should instead have just fired Greenspan and appointed Helicopter Ben Bernanke. Though he's clueless as to the unintended consequences of his money printing, he's inadvertently spreading democracy, and so far at no cost in American lives.