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The Creation of a False Truth About Race in America

I already know the "official answer" that sociology students will be taught after the results of the 2010 Census have been counted:

"The majority of Mexican-Americans self-identify as 'white' or 'other.'"

The reason? Because the 2010 Census form is designed to produce that answer, which I believe to be false.  If you haven't looked at your census form yet, here's a scan of questions 5 and 6.

Hispanic is not properly a "race," so this is technically correct. But when the person who identifies as "Mexican, Mexican Am., Chicano" moves from question 5 to question 6, the easiest and seemingly most "correct" answer is to check "White," even if they are clearly not white. The most accurate answer in terms of race would be something along the lines of "American Indian or Alaska Native", but the person who checks that box is asked to identify their tribe. I know a lot of Mexicans who think they are descended from the Aztecs, and they may well be, but many of them really can't trace their heritage back that far. They just know they're Mexican. Some may be more closely related to Mayans or South Americans. Most are probably part white, which would make them Mestizo -- but apparently that term is derogatory and rarely used.

I live with a Mexican, whose parents were both born in the US, but whose grandparents were straight from Mexico. I showed this to him and his eyes glazed over.

"But...I'm Mexican."

We aren't the only ones who are confused.

The Arizona Republic ran an article yesterday quoting a Mexican-American school teacher who said, "I came to that question, and I just stopped. I didn't know what to put."

What's happening here is the creation of a false truth. I lived in California for the better part of a decade, and the majority of Mexicans do not self-identify as white. They may identify as Americans first, or Mexicans first, but very few of them think of themselves as white.

If they did, how could they possibly level the charge of "racism" against whites?

We see accusations of "racism" all the time in debates about immigration and law enforcement. Youth for Western Civilization recently reported that during the Washington, D.C. "March for America," many of the...er..."Latino??"...marchers were holding signs that claimed North America was a "Bronze Continent." Surely those marchers didn't think of themselves as "white." And I'm pretty sure members of the National Council of La Raza (The Race) don't think they are white, either.

Yet, the easiest answer when conscientious Mexican-Americans -- coached by Dora the Explorer -- are filling out the census, will be to check the "white" box for Mom, Dad, and the 3-6 kids. Just to get it done.

Think for a moment how the resulting falsehood -- that most Mexican-Americans self-identify as white -- will be spun by those who believe that race is only a social construct. Imagine how it will be incorporated into the "diversity" sermons of those who want to massage away racial divisions and prepare us for the "harmonious" world of 2050...