HBD: Human Biodiversity

The White Oppressor's Last Stand


Perhaps you've been following the latest diversity madness at the University of California San Diego (49 percent Asian, 27 percent white, 2 percent black).  Last month a fraternity had a "Compton Cookout" to celebrate Black History Month.  That week, a student on the campus TV station called those protesting the party "ungrateful n-----s" and the next day "the Black Student Union issued a list of demands, including mandatory diversity sensitivity classes, increased African American enrollment in students and faculty and the creation of space in central campus considered 'safe for African-American students.'" Then last week, a noose was conveniently found in the library.  Black students stormed the chancellor's office before it was revealed that the perpetrator of the crime wasn't white.  In the latest news , "a white pillowcase crudely fashioned into a Ku Klux Klan- style hood" was found on a statue last Monday.  The AP also reports "This week, officials at UC Santa Cruz found an image of a noose scribbled on the inside of a bathroom door."

Imagine you're a UCSD student.  You lock yourself in the bathroom stall one morning and suddenly recall reading an AP report that said that at your school a drawing of a noose was found on the bathroom wall.  Knowing that if you cover the wall with swastikas it'll be a national story and nobody will ever find out, how do you resist?

Meanwhile, two students from the University of Missouri have been arrested and charged with "second degree tampering" for leaving cotton balls outside a black culture center.  Think about it for a minute...

Making his point (allegedly) with shoelaces, cotton balls, pillow cases and drawings on bathroom walls.  After the centuries of colonization and slavery, my how far the white oppressor has fallen.