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Tipping Point Reached

The Anglosphere tippeth over.    

Revealed: The UK maternity units in which only 1 in 10 mothers is of white British origin
Mail Online
By Jack Doyle
9th August 2010
Just one in ten babies is born to a white British mother in some parts of the country, figures reveal.

The statistics - based on NHS monitoring of the ethnicity and nationality of patients - show a sharp contrast in the backgrounds of new mothers in urban and rural areas.

While white British mothers accounted for just 9.4 per cent of all births in one London health trust, the figure was 97.4 per cent of all births in Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust.

The birth statistics reflect how mothers described themselves, not the ethnicity of the fathers or the babies.

Across all of England's 150 NHS Trusts there were 652,638 deliveries last year, around six out of ten of them to women who called themselves white British.

But in some trusts serving rural areas more than 95 per cent of mothers fell into that category.

These included Northern Devon with 97.4 per cent, Co Durham and Darlington with 97.1, and Northumbria with 96 per cent.

At the other end of the spectrum, in North West London Hospitals NHS Trust, which covers Harrow, just 9.4 per cent of mothers were white British. Another inner city trust - Sandwell and West Birmingham - had 16.5 per cent. And a little over one in four new mothers were white Britons at Guy's and St Thomas' hospital in central London.

The proportion of mothers of white British origin at Bradford Teaching Hospitals trust was 34 per cent.

(As of 2001, only two percent of marriages in Britain were interracial, so the Mail's statistics regarding White motherhood accurately reflect the coming demographics of the Kingdom.)

“America Alone!” types -- who indulge in Schadenfreude over Europe’s Muslim situation and tell themselves that the conservative U.S. will stand strong against the world -- should be reminded that in Britain 62 percent of births are to White mothers, whereas in America the number is just over 50. Indeed, the countdown to the point at which "minority" births will comprise the majority of total births in the country will likely end sometime this fall.

US reaches 'tipping point' as minority births set to outnumber white births
By Alex Spillius
11 Mar 2010

Caucasian women increasingly are delaying having children and having smaller families, while growing numbers of Hispanic women are having large families at conventional child-bearing ages, according to a new demographic study. If trends continue, America is on course to have a white minority by 2050.

“Census projections suggest America may become a minority-majority country by the middle of the century,” said Kenneth Johnson, a sociology professor at the University of New Hampshire who researched many of the racial trends in a paper released this week.

Whites currently make up two-thirds of the total US population, but the number of white women of prime child-bearing age – 20-39 years old – is in decline, dropping 19 per cent from 1990.

Minorities made up 48 per cent of US children born in 2008, compared with 37 per cent in 1990. Broken down by race, about 52 per cent of babies born in 2008 were white, compared with about 25 per cent who were Hispanic, 15 per cent black and four per cent Asian.

Another four per cent were identified by their parents as multiracial. The numbers highlight the nation’s growing racial and age divide, seen in pockets of communities across the country, which could heighten tensions in current debates on policies ranging from immigration reform and education to health care and social security.

According to the figures analysed by the University of New Hampshire, roughly one in 10 of the nation’s 3,142 counties already has minority populations greater than 50 per cent. But one in four communities has more minority children than white children or is nearing that point.

The researchers found that the fertility rate was higher among Hispanics, who had an average of three children per woman, than among non-Hispanic white women, who had an average of just under two children (1.87) each. Fertility rates among other minority groups were quite similar to whites.

Black fertility had declined significantly in recent years, with African-American women now averaging 2.13 children.

Both of these reports indicate that the Anglosphere is fragmenting into a checkerboard of White and Brown: places like Durham, for example, are overwhelmingly Anglo-Saxon, whereas North West London has essentially been ceded to newcomers. The States, too, have suburban and rural “Whitopias” that reflect the demographics of a long-gone America. But then the flip side of Diversity is that politicians will attempt to contain this fragmentation within a “national” framework: incomes will be taxed, wealth redistributed, access to public facilities equalized, and careers promoted and retarded all in the hope of creating a homogenous “people.”

And you can imagine which individual Britons are going to lose in such an arrangement.

I sometime get the sense that many immigration restrictionists in the U.S. think that at some point between 2040-2050, a load buzzer will go off announcing that America is now officially a White-minority nation, and the country will promptly begin a swift economic and political decline. But reality doesn’t work that way. And here a financial metaphor is apt. Companies don’t declare bankruptcy and then see their stock prices fall precipitously as a result. Markets are discounting and predictive mechanisms, and prices immediately reflect dangers far off on the horizon. 

For the Anglosphere, the future is now.