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The Spengler of the Upper East Side

Though known as a liberal, New York mayor Mike Bloomberg summonded the courage yesterday to speak out against the ongoing invasion of traditonally European countires by third-world immigrants. And he did it in language reminiscent of Pat Buchanan, Larry Auster, and Oswald Spengler: "This country is committing national suicide."


Oh wait. Bloomberg claimed that America will collapse if we do stop third-world immigration, for apparently only Indians and Chinese are able to make advances in medicine and technology:

"We have to get real about the 12 million undocumented here," the mayor said. "We're not going to deport them. Give them permanent status. Don't make them citizens unless they can qualify, but give them permanent status and let's get on with this."

Bloomberg spoke as he thanked volunteers at the "Citizenship Now!" hotline sponsored by the Daily News and City University of New York, which helps callers who want to know how to become citizens.

He called on President Obama to lead the fight to overhaul the nation's immigration rules. "I will be there behind him supporting him 100%," he said.

Bloomberg long has been a supporter of immigration reform, saying current law deters international companies from sending employees through border hassles to work in the U.S. - and freezes out the highly skilled immigrants America needs.

"We don't have doctors, and we're not allowing people who want to come here and be doctors to come here," the mayor said. "This is just craziness."

"People are developing new drugs in India, rather than here. They're going to win the next Nobel Prize in China or in Europe, not here. If we want to have a future, we need to have more immigrants here."