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Middle America Brain Drain

Kevin MacDonald’s recent post on the decline in traditional morality among poorer whites is incomplete without objective evidence that whites in Red America have lower IQs than those in the more liberal regions of the country.  Luckily, last year I estimated white IQ by state from NAEP data.  Nine of the bottom ten voted for Bush in 2004, Hawaii being the only exception.

The IQ difference between the smartest whites in the country, who live in Massachusetts, and the dumbest, who live in West Virginia, is a full 15 points, the same as the black/white gap.

If intelligence is heritable, and it is, then this has to be so.  Generation after generation of the smartest people leaving takes its toll.  It’s also not surprising that two populations who are that far apart in cognitive ability wouldn’t feel like they had much in common; the tastes, experiences and biases of whites in the Northeast are always going to be different from those in the South, even if we ignore obvious cultural differences.


Another point that’s important to consider is that there’s pretty much no way for whites from Middle America to take power from the elites after getting fed up with them short of violent revolution.  A population with an IQ of 95 producing enough smart people to march through institutions built and maintained by the smartest people of populations with IQs of 103 (Blue State whites) and 110 (Jews) is about as unlikely to happen as Mexicans ending up an elite class.

It’s not a coincidence that the birth of white minority politics is happening in the regions of the country where whites have IQs closer to those of minorities.  Less intelligent people, when they spend their time among others with low IQs, tend to develop a distinct conspiratorial and paranoid worldview.  To take one example, it’s been often commented on that African Americans tend to believe wild conspiracy theories.  Now, we see numbers that say things like 24% of Republicans believe that Obama “may be the Antichrist,” close to the percentage of blacks who agree with the statement that “the government’s family-planning policies are intended to control the number of black people.”  In past generations when there was less meritocracy low IQ whites usually had at least a few high IQ people that they communicated with in church, at social events, etc.  I’m sure the more intelligent would knock the craziest ideas out of the heads of their less gifted fellow citizens and help make sense of the world.

This isn't to say that conspiracy theories are always bad.  As a matter of fact, they're certainly beneficial if they lead people to distrust their government and want to give it less power. (It seems that only blacks are capable of both believing that their government wants to exterminate them and that the state should have more control at the same time.)

Expect lower class white communities to become angrier and more bitter and anti-social.  And like with blacks, there won’t be a thing we can do about the majority of their problems.