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The Pseudoscience of Anti-Racism


Marxist liberals call what Kevin MacDonald, J. Philippe Rushton, and Richard Lynn do "pseudoscience," but it seems they are the ones actively engaged in churning out pseudoscientific texts.

Exhibit A is the following book, which has been making the rounds through the online review circuit:

This is the write-up that has appeared in the Male Health website:

Racism is bad for your health

From apartheid to lynchings, discrimination to expulsion, racism can be very bad for the health of people on the receiving end of it. But it can also be bad news for the racists themselves.

According to new book, Are We Born Racist?, which looks at the science and psychology behind racism, prejudice is bad for your health.

A number of studies reported in the book show that when confronted with members of another race, racists experience an acute stress reaction. The cortisol which courses through their veins as a result is part of our natural ‘fight or flight’ reaction: great in the short term for the instant energy needed for running away from sabre-toothed tigers but very damaging in the long–term because cortisol breaks down muscle tissue including the heart and undermines the immune system.

The book concludes bluntly that if you live in a multicultural society and hold racist views you are slowly killing yourself.

Cured by friendship

But there is hope. One of the book's contributors Elizabeth Page-Gould says that racism can be overcome. She reports on study she carried out in which racist individuals were given ‘friendship building’ tasks with members of another race. ‘Over the next several weeks, we watched cortisol levels diminish in prejudiced participants,’ she says, ‘a trend that lasted throughout the friendship meetings’. And, indeed, beyond.

Particularly interesting is the cover: a blond and very White baby and a chocolate-brown Black baby, with the latter reaching out for friendship and the former apparently snubbing him, leaning and looking away. Why not an Asian baby and a Black baby? Or a Latino baby and an Asian baby? Why not -- and this would be fairly accurate these days -- have the White baby reach out and the Black one doing the snubbing?

Sure, the contrast is greater with Black and White, so the choice of race for the infant models makes for a more dramatic image, but the underlying message is obnoxious: Blacks -- the innocent victims of the evil of racism, evidently -- want to be friendly, but Whites -- evidently all supremacists who believe in the Aryan master race -- are apoplectically prejudiced and do not want to know. Racism is, therefore, a White disease -- a disease that, as it happens, can be cured with psychological re-training on how to make friends.

Phew... There is hope for us yet, then!

By the way, were not those who disagreed with Communism in the Soviet Union declared insane by the authorities and interned in psychiatric wards? Were some not sent away for re-education?

But let us not get distracted with our reminiscences.

It seems there is somewhat of a major gap in the reviews I have seen of this particular text, because a key question goes entirely (and conveniently) unacknowledged: Could it not be that White people experience anxiety while in the presence of members of another race because of the attitudes and behaviour they have come to expect from them? This seems yet another attempt at blaming Whites for the failure of the multicultural experiment.

A reasonable person would blame the politicians who forced this experiment on a society that did not need it, did not ask for it, and never wanted it. It is they who are bad for our health, not our evolved psychological mechanisms of self-protection.

Perhaps is the aforementioned politicians who need internment in the psychiatric ward, or training on how to serve their country.

(I suspect less generous souls have imagined a different fate for some of them.)