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'Cure' for Whiteness Found

When Spengler wrote about Cæsarism as a manifestation of decline in a mature civilisation, and later when Francis Parker Yockey wrote about the ‘resurgence of Authority’ in ‘the Age of Absolute Politics’, most imagined a future where liberal democracy in the West gave way to some form of fascism.

It turns out that this view is also shared by egalitarians.

Julian Savulescu, of Oxford University’s Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, argues that the human biological and psychological makeup is incompatible with the type of society we live in and that unless we find ways genetically to enhance our species humanity faces extinction within the next one hundred years. Humans are overly aggressive and tend to favour the short-term over the long-term. In his view, to avert disaster we will need to reduce our commitment to liberalism, engage in more extensive surveillance of individuals, emphasise moral education, and adopt long-term strategies, as opposed to strategies centred on quarterly profit reports or election cycles. Among the long-term strategies he advocates the use of drugs on embryos to suppress psychopathic tendencies and further down the line eugenics to do the same and breed more intelligent and peaceful humans.

Such as position would not be at all out of kilter with Lothrop Stoddard or David Starr Jordan.

Where Savulescu differs from his predecessors in the eugenics movement is that his conception of morality is in line with our egalitarian cultural climate. A study funded by his centre, led by philosophy doctoral student Sylvia Terbeck, co-authored by him, and published in the Psychopharmacology journal, reports the results of experiments conducted with White subjects who were tested for racial bias while on Propranolol, a drug normally used for heart disease, anxiety, and panic. The study showed that the drug suppressed racial bias.

News sources yesterday were ablaze with jubilation at the thought that a cure for racism may be in the pipeline.

Yet, as I pointed out elsewhere (click to read more about the study), it is curious that, as seems usual with experiments involving racial bias, the subjects where all White, and that we know not of any follow-up study, or plans for one, to test the effects of the drugs on racial bias among people of colour.

You can see where this is going.

So long as we see no further studies involving racially diverse subjects, we will be justified in thinking that in a cultural climate that is egalitarian, the Age of Absolute Politics means Whites medicated for their racial consciousness.

It may be that Savulescu’s brand of liberal fascism envisions all humans cured of their racial consciousness, but we can take it for granted that a eugenic programme designed to breed a high-IQ, docile Homo equalis will not be adopted worldwide. It will be adopted by Western nations only, and since racial consciousness is deemed a psychopathology exclusive to Whites, Western governments will target us White folk for a cure to our Whiteness. One can imagine the drug, or a variant of it, being first tried, and then required, in 'institutionally racist' organisations with an overwhelming majority of Whites, such as the police. 

Our bread already comes fortified, and our running water already comes fluoridated, these having been deemed by governments in the West positive measures designed to improve health. Are we now to expect a future where Whiteness is actively bred out, first by means of anti-'racist' drugs in our food or water supply, and later through genetic engineering?

It seems a new front has opened in the race war.