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STIHIE: When Donkeys Mate With Elephants

People had better get used to it: Ramzpaul is never going to run out of material for his hilarious videos (see video tab). This is because America has long since passed the point of no return on the road to Absurdistan.

In this latest case, a sperm donor is being forced to pay child support to a lesbian couple even though the three of them had signed a contract in which the biological "father" had been excluded from parental rights and exempted from financial liabilities. A legal technicality means that the state was able to stick the donor with the child support tab. But the real funny thing here is that this is yet another example of Red State traditional family values being sheet-welded onto Blue State sexual liberation identitarianism.

Once upon a time, gay liberation used to be about freeing oneself from the necessity of "living lies" and having to "act straight," but now it increasingly means homos behaving like heteros, which means they think they have to get married and raise families with actual kids! Before the sperm donation – a limited reversion to the natural order – these two lesbians were fostering a number of children, with each of them taking on a different parental role: Ma Lesbian and Pa Lesbian. Not surprisingly, their relationship broke down when Ma Lesbian took things to the next logical step, and found an actual man.

America is the land of the freewheeling Democrat donkey, but it is also the land of the culturally conservative Republican elephant. As the fiscal cliff agreement so recently demonstrated, these two beasts are occasionally thrown into godless union. In gender politics, too, it seems that the Elephant has lain down with the Donkey, spawning yet more, ugly, misshapen, mutant offspring to darken the face of the Earth.