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Sociobiology-Victorious Again

Funny that the other day I pointed out that David Cameron was speaking like a white American politician pandering to the blacks.  Today, I found that across the Atlantic they even have a similar Google race problem.  

GOOGLE has been hit by a race row after its search engine asked: "Why are black people so ugly?"

Millions of outraged users across the world saw the sickening question after simply entering the word "why".

The offensive phrase is thought to have popped up for several weeks.

Sun reader Warren Degallerie, 23, from Croydon, South London, said: "I was helping my nine-year-old niece with her homework. Before she knew it that line had appeared. We are both black and I couldn't believe something like that could be allowed to happen. I had to try to explain to a young girl how Google could let it appear."

The Sun alerted Google bosses on Thursday and they fixed the glitch, apologising for the blunder. A spokesman said it was caused by a feature which predicts what users are about to ask.

He said: "Google Suggest is an automated feature that aims to make searching easier by providing suggestions as you type, based on what other people have searched for previously.

"We have filters to eliminate inappropriate suggestions, but very occasionally an offensive suggestion may slip through. We encourage anyone who sees one to raise it through our help centre and forums."

I guess Google prioritizes black feelings over my desire for a wider audience.  What's next?  A British O.J.?