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Mexico: Rush Limbaugh's Ideal

A Hispanic blogger is upset that other Latinos won't claim their Native American heritage.  Watch the first few minutes and you'll get the idea.  

What's funny is that Mexico has accomplished what Rush Limbaugh and other "right wing extremists" want for the US. The radio host was encouraging his listeners to check "other" on the race question on the 2010 Census and write in "American."  Mexicans identify with their country and language-the ideal of the American Right.  

I wouldn't be too hard on these people though, as I've seen segments on the Tonight Show where whites didn't know they came from Europe.  It used to strike me as a little weird that there were people out there who had no curiosity about where they originally came from before my view of mankind became much more realistic.  I still find a future where there are only individual and familial physical characteristics but no national ones sad though.