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How Do You Like It, White Boy?


The Seattle Timesreports:

The father of a 16-year-old West Seattle boy who said he was attacked by two men who made racially charged statements wonders why there have been no arrests even though police have identified two possible suspects.

It's been nearly three weeks since 16-year-old Shane McClellan showed up at an emergency room beaten, his father said, almost beyond recognition and almost one week since the teen was called into the police precinct to identify photos of suspects.

"We just can't understand why there haven't been any arrests," said Shane's father, Tim McClellan. "It doesn't seem right. I mean, the guys had my son's blood on their hands."

Further details:

Shane McClellan said he was walking home around 2 a.m. on May 25 when two men, one black and one Filipino, asked him for a light..

They then robbed him and beat him for four hours, whipping him with his own belt while saying things like, '"How do you like it, white boy?" and "This is for enslaving our people"...

McClellan...said the two men also poured Four Loko energy beer on him, burned him with a lit cigarette and urinated on him...

OK, I know what you're thinking -- we've only got the boy's word to go on, and how likely is it that the sort of thugs he describes would be literate enough to say anything like "this is for enslaving our people," in between burning him with cigarettes and pissing on him?

But the story goes on:

The officer who took the report went to the scene of the beating [where he] found blood, discarded...Loko cans and fresh cigarette butts...

A short time later, while returning to the precinct, Blake saw a black man and a Filipino man who appeared to be trying to conceal an open can...

"When he stopped to talk to the two men, he noted they had dried blood on their hands, were drinking the same brand of energy beer and smoking the same brand of cigarettes he'd found earlier.

So, being the frightful racist that we all know that all American policemen are, he then beat them both to within an inch of their lives, knowing that his higher-ups would cover for him. Right?

Wrong: "After [the officer] talked with his supervisor, it was decided that he should get good contact information on the two but not take them into custody." (The Seattle Police are, after all, justly proud of their "long history of diversity.")

But never fear: we are assured that "the assault is being investigated as a possible hate crime." Ain't that special?

I don't suppose there's much point observing that, were the races reversed, this incident would be national news, by now, with the very reverend Jesse Jackson & the equally reverend Al Sharpton and the even more reverend New York Times falling all over each other to publicize and to condemn the limitless iniquity of the White Man, world without end, Amen. So let's just take that as read. But might one be allowed to wonder, in the context of incidents like this, whether it's such a great idea for the American educationist establishment to go on, year after year, (a) further pumping up the already weirdly high levels of self-esteem among black students and (b) instilling in those same students the historically absurd belief that slavery is a crime for which all whites, as such, owe all blacks, as such?