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How Dare He!

Despite my general antipathy towards his profession, I've become a fan of German Central Banker Thilo Sarrazin, who appears never to have gotten the memo of about public officials speaking the truth on race and immigration. Herr Serrazin first came to the world's attention when he mentioned that replacing ethnic Germans with Turks and Arabs will make Germany "stupider." He has since criticized free-loading Muslim immigrants, as well as Islam itself. And he's now taken on an even bigger taboo:   

By Michael Woodhead
Mail Online
30th August 2010

A leading member of Germany’s central bank has caused outrage by claiming that Jews are identified by a particular gene.

Thilo Sarrazin, who is on the board of the the Bundesbank in Frankfurt, said in a newspaper interview: ‘All Jews share a certain gene. Basques (Spanish separatists) have particular genes, that distinguishes them from others.’

German’s Jewish community today reacted with horror and accused him of anti-Semitism and attempted racial profiling.

‘Whoever tries to define Jews by their genetic make up succumbs to racism,’ said Stephan Kramer, secretary of the Central Council of Jews in Germany.

Without dwelling on the "certain gene" comment, it's worth pointing out to Stephan Kramer that the Israeli state and its university system has taken no small interest in mapping the Jewish genome and proving the genetic similarity of the various Jewish groups in the diaspora. I'm sure he is well aware of this fact, though he apparently doesn't want to allow any Germans to talk about it.