HBD: Human Biodiversity

HBD, Left, and Right

“Heartiste” (who’s still “Roissy” to me) demonstrates, through the ramblings of blogger Amanda Marcotte, that HBD and Feminism are implacable enemies.

Most everything he writes there is true...but the science of human nature demolishes more than just bitchy feminism.

In America, and much of the Western world, right-thinking people think about Evolution thusly: 

  • If you’re liberal, then Darwin was absolutely correct. Only backward, religious people think otherwise. That said, around 60,000 years ago, Evolution pulled the emergency break: no significant human development has occurred since then; all apparent racial differences are either “skin deep” or social constructs. Only backward, racist, religious people think otherwise.
  • If you’re a conservative, Darwin was dead wrong. To believe his Theory is to deny that there is a moral thrust to the universe—and thus to undermine the basis of Democracy, Equality, and Apple Pie. Plus, Darwin is racist.  

It’s difficult to judge which side is wronger in this dispute…

In the conservatives' defense, Darwin is “racist,” in the sense that the procedure of Evolution explains not only the differences between Africans and Europeans but those between Yorkshire Terriers and Pit Bulls.

What’s significant is that the positions of both the acceptable Left and Right are radically egalitarian, each in its own way.

It’s worth pointing out, too, that there’s no inherent reason why a sincere religious believer could not affirm that God (or the Gods) made the races distinct and separate—or that He (or They) delineated the fates of each individual. The godfather of scientific racism, Arthur de Gobineau, an ancien-regime Catholic, actually rejected Darwin, exclaiming, “We are not descended from the ape, but we are headed in that direction!”

Whatever the case, the American Creed, of both Left and Right,  is that You Can Be All That You Can Be, and anyone and everyone can be an American.  HBD is pure heresy.