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FrumForum's Creationism for the Left


The problem with dealing honestly with race is that if you’re familiar with and talk about the science/common sense on group differences it’ll overshadow everything else you want to say. Imagine someone coming up to you and telling you he’s an environmentalist, creationist, neo-con and child molester. The last descriptive term is the only thing that you’re going to take away.  Everything else becomes irrelevant. So it is with the term “racist.” The term means little more than believing in the scientific method and rejecting the double standard which says Asian countries for Asians, African countries for Africans, Middle Eastern countries for Middle Easterners and white nations for everybody.

With that in mind, take a look at Frum Forum’s Tim Mak’s new article on Alternative Right.  See if you can find anything in there that would be out of place in a report put out by the SPLC.

Took a look at this logic.

It’s tremendously ironic that Alternative Right’s charge against the conservative movement is political correctness, when they themselves hide their sexist and racist ideologies behind the gloss of sweet-sounding, pseudo-intellectual terms.

Because we should call ourselves “racists” and “sexists” in order to be intellectually honest.  I could by the same reasoning accuse Mak’s website of hiding what they believe because they call themselves “Frum Fourm” instead of “Pro-war Cultural Marxists.”

Look, group differences are a scientific fact.  For a website that denounces those who don’t believe in evolution, it’s logically inconsistent but depressingly predictable that those at Frum Forum would deny the natural differences between whites and blacks or men and women.

Mak writes,

The academic-sounding terminology might be impressive if backed up with anything but hysterics.

Anybody who wants to take the time to learn about the “pseudo-intellectual” studies that have been done on group differences and how we know they have a biological basis can read J. Phillipe Rushton, Richard Lynn, Michael Levin, Arthur Jensen, Charles Murray and Richard Hernstein on race and Steve Rhoads, Steven Pinker, Geoffrey Miller and Judith Rich Harris on gender. Or they can open up their eyes and look at the disparities in crime, socio-economic status and standardized test scores found always and everywhere.

We would have the luxury of ignoring all this if it wasn’t for our current demographic shift, massive anti-white discrimination in the form of affirmative action or Stalinism at our universities in the name of fighting “hate.”

White Americans have gone from 90 percent of the US population to 70 percent in the last forty-five years. They’re scheduled to become a minority by 2042. We can anticipate that there won’t be a single part of our society or culture unchanged by these population trends. It is those advocating we move ahead with this unprecedented demographic shift who should have the burden of proof on them to show that we’ll be better off.  Anyone who tries to will find calling people names to be much easier.