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In Praise of Bullying


The Managerial State, not content with the chaos it's created by upending sexual norms and creating the vast problems associated with multiculturalism, has developed a sinister new "problem" in immediate need of their tender ministrations: the nebulous and very human activity of "bullying."

Lately, the issue of bullying has been in the news, sparked by the suicide of Tyler Clementi, a gay college student who was a victim of cyber-bullying, and by a widely circulated New York Times article that focused on “mean girl” bullying in kindergarten. The federal government has identified bullying as a national problem. In August, it organized the first-ever “Bullying Prevention Summit,” and it is now rolling out an anti-bullying campaign aimed at 5- to 8-year old children. This past month the Department of Education released a guidance letter to schools, colleges and universities to take bullying seriously, or face potential legal consequences.

What happened to Tyler Clementi was not bullying. It was sociopathy. What Ravi and Wei did to Clementi is already illegal, immoral and probably as immune to therapeutic social programs or new laws as the actions of most sociopaths are. There is no ethical code, law or social program which will prevent sociopaths from acting this way, nor are there any ethical codes in America by which the actions of Ravi and Wei are even marginally acceptable.

What "mean girls in kindergarten do" is simply nature. No matter what kind of mind-bending pharmaceuticals and Maoist reeducation camps you put five-year-old girls through, they're still going to pick on their social inferiors. It's not even human nature: this tendency exists in the nature of all social animals, from the wolf pack, to pot bellied pigs. All social animals form hierarchies. The only way to prevent this hierarchy forming is to completely atomize the social structure, by raising children in opaque test tubes.

The idea of enforcing some nebulously defined "bullying" as a high crime against the state is deeply totalitarian, and should chill any sensible person to the bone. If our society has decayed to the point where this is actually necessary for survival; it's time to slaughter all our politicians and start over.

...programs like the one I want to discuss today show the potential of augmenting our innate impulses to care for one another instead of just falling back on punishment as a deterrent. And what’s the secret formula? A baby.

We know that humans are hardwired to be aggressive and selfish. But a growing body of research is demonstrating that there is also a biological basis for human compassion. Brain scans reveal that when we contemplate violence done to others we activate the same regions in our brains that fire up when mothers gaze at their children, suggesting that caring for strangers may be instinctual.

Mothers who gaze at their children are not caring for strangers: they're caring for their own children. This is a rather large difference. This clown is apparently suggesting we further pervert our instinctual nurturing qualities to the service of a mad crusade for "multiculturalism" -- making us all into oxytocin-addled empaths for every tumorous three headed lesbian baby seal or nose-picking creep we happen across.

I wonder if nincompoops like this ever consider that "bullying" reactions against some kinds of people might be healthy for a normal society? Most people should conform to norms, for their own good, as well as the good of society. Those who are strong enough to rebel against the norm successfully don't need any social programs to coddle their neuronal-libidinal peccadilloes. Those who are not strong enough; those who psychologically crumble under the slightest disapproval: these people should be taught to conform to the norms and develop their character as much as is physiologically possible. It is their instincts which are defective: not the children who pick on them -- those are the normal and healthy ones.

The program this nitwit is advocating brings a mother and baby into the classroom, so kids can practise their empathy skills. It seems fairly obvious to me that normally raised children are already exposed to babies, at home, and so they don't need to hire some welfare mama (who else are they going to get?) to come in and let them abuse their kid. Children are also more likely to develop proper empathic and pecking-order instincts with their own kin than with some wastrel whose mother is so badly off or emotionally retarded she doesn't mind a bunch of snot nosed strangers man-handling her flesh and blood. I don't need to run the type of silly regression models used by social "scientists" to "prove" this sort of thing; it's something as obvious as a wart on a bald head. Just as it is also obvious that, no matter how many "empathy skills" are developed in the classroom; kids are still going to pick on one another.


Have you seen or do you have ideas about effective ways to diminish bullying in school and elsewhere?

Whatever solutions actually work are going to involve teaching weird kids to fit in with society. They're not going to involve castrating everyone with chemicals and making them play with some strumpet's brat as part of their classroom activities. Not only will assisting weirdoes to conformity be far more cost effective, it will be far more effective and socially salubrious. I occasionally wonder if people who are oversensitive to the plight of "victims" -- those who wish to upend all of society to make weirdoes feel better -- believe in things like this because they saw themselves in the victim role at some time in their life. Sending these over-sensitive blockheads to some kind of boot camp early in life -- that seems rather more cost effective than subjecting the functioning members of society to further totalitarian brainwashing in a futile attempt to make the rest of us even more "inclusive."

Allow me to educate Mr. Bornstein as to the nature of "bullying." Bullying is how social hierarchies are formed. There is a psychological dynamic which causes you to boast of your academic credentials, purchase a hybrid vehicle,  and which habituates you to the use of vacuous word salad like "social entrepreneurship."  In doing such things, you are attempting to scramble for status among the cretins in your social circle, at the expense of unenlightened rednecks and mean-spirited conservatives you disdain. This is the same psychological dynamic which causes five-year-old girls to pick on the ones with "cooties." Conversely, the fact that you have skim-milk for blood, write prose seemingly designed to lull colicky welfare babies to sleep, and generally appear to be a worthless individual who is working for the total destruction of civilization -- this allows me to feel superior to you. Since we live in different proverbial classrooms -- yours filled with effete twits, and mine filled with the few remaining productive members of society -- you'll never have to face up to the possibility that I will publicly point out that you are a loathsome skunk with bad table manners and a brain like a swiss cheese. Rest easy: you've gotten away with being the creepy kid that everyone picked on in  school.