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Attacking AmRen

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Jared Taylor’s 2011 American Renaissance conference has been thrown into jeopardy. Last year, it was former (current?) FBI agent Jeffrey Imm who provided the intel and various Internet “anti-fascists” who provided the bomb threats that scuttled the biannual event and led to a much-reduced rump AmRen gathering in Northern Virginia.

This time around, it was the Obama of Mecklenburg County, Charlotte City Council member and mayor pro tem Patrick Cannon, who browbeat the Airport Sheraton Hotel into reneging on its contract with Jared and AmRen. I doubt there will ever be justice for our side on this matter, but Cannon’s actions appear to amount to a flagrant abuse of his status as an elected official, if not an outright First Amendment violation. The antifa can’t believe that they didn’t have to lift a finger, as an elected official eagerly did their dirty work!

(My interview with Jared about the 2010 fiasco can be heard here. Matt Parrott has a wrap up of this year’s debacle here.)

I’ve recently become the executive director of The National Policy Institute. My first project was to create NPITV.com, which will web-stream events, like the AmRen conference, of interest to conscious European-Americans, as well as offer other programming that’s too hot for the mainstream media. NPITV was to debut by web-streaming AmRen 2011.

Everything’s up in the air at the moment, but I can assure you that, 1) I will be in Charlotte come hell, high water, and anti-fascists throwing bricks, and 2) NPI will make every effort to web-stream the conference, even if that entails broadcasting from an “undisclosed location.”

I recently issued a press release to this regard, and instead of repeating myself further, I’ll reproduce it below.

Generally speaking, I think it’s a good thing that our side is being attacked. When David Frum’s underlings went after AltRight during the first week of its existence, I was positive that we had struck a nerve and that the website would gain a wide audience.  It was a sign of their irrelevance when the paleocons begin to be tolerated as cranks and sentimentalists or else harmless pontificators on organic cuisine and girl’s softball leagues. The alternative Right needs to bring to the fore our fundamental divergence with America’s egalitarian establishment. Doing so will inevitably bring about active suppression.

Or in other words, bring it on.

* * *

From The National Policy Institute

The Airport Sheraton Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina, has capitulated to the self-professed defenders of freedom who have dedicated themselves to silencing open and honest discussion of racial differences and the threats to Western civilization. The Sheraton reneged on its contractual obligation to make available its conference facilities and lodging rooms for the biannual American Renaissance conference, put on by The New Century Foundation.

Not to put too fine a point on the matter, but one can imagine the media firestorm and throngs of civil-rights lawyers that would appear if a hotel broke a contract with an African-American group under pressure from White conservatives.

At the moment, American Renaissance is actively attempting to find an alternate venue. The National Policy Institute is confident AR will succeed in this endeavor and that the various “anti-racists” and “liberals” will fail to squelch free expression.

That said, since the event has been put into jeopardy, NPI would like to make the following statement to those who have already paid to access the live web-stream and digital downloads, as well as those considering making such a purchase.

  • As of this writing, all AR speakers are set to arrive in Charlotte next week. Thus, come hell, high water, and brick-throwing “anti-fascists,” NPI will make every effort to web-stream all scheduled speeches, even if broadcasts must take place in an  “undisclosed location.”
  • In the unlikely event that the AR conference is cancelled, NPI will offer a full refund to those who have purchased web-stream access.

Standing up to violent agitators and totalitarian wannabes is of the utmost importance. If in the face of censorship, our voices in defense of the West can be heard, this next weekend might mark AR and NPITV’s finest hours.

It’s also worth noting that 25 percent of all revenue from NPITV’s webcast will go directly to AR. Thus, watching the web-stream would be an educational and entertaining way of supporting organizations that defend our people and civilization.