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Are Blacks Losing It?

Or through YouTube, have we simply become more aware of their behavior? 



Brawl Mars DMV Music Awards Outside Washington: MyFoxDC.com


UPDATE: James Edwards notes that the McDonald's beating case has taken a strange twist. The White woman was... a man! And the Black attackers may be charged with a "hate crime."

I thought something was fishy when I read that police were investigating the brutal beating that took place at a McDonald’s in Maryland as a “hate crime.”

There’s just no way that they’d ever consider a Black on White crime to be a hate crime. Unless, of course, the White person was a homosexual, or in this case, a transvestite.

That’s right, gang. The White “woman” in the video here could possibly be a male, but nobody seems to know for sure. Some news outlets report her to be a female. Others make mention that he/she is a transvestite. The Police say they don’t know.