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Anger Makes Dull Men Witty...

A relevant fake news story (is there any other kind?) from the Onion:

Awful Man Offers Witty, Acerbic Take on Everything

ROCKVILLE, MD—Local resident Alan Bower’s particular brand of sardonic, no-holds-barred commentary about everything around him has firmly established the 31-year-old policy writer as an absolutely terrible person who is always ready to crack a joke, sources reported Monday.

According to friends of the modern-day Oscar Wilde, Bower has a singular knack for sucking every last bit of genuine enjoyment out of any situation with his hilarious, nonstop incisiveness…

Though Bower’s lightning-quick, whip-smart criticism occurs without pause, brother-in-law Peter Ulster, 34, said the deft ironist still manages to surprise those who know him by expertly dismantling their enthusiasm from an inexhaustible variety of angles.

“With Alan, you never see it coming,” Ulster said. “You’ll be discussing something you really enjoy—like, say, surfing or whatever—and you think he’s engaged and agreeing with you, and then bam! He pulls the rug right out from under you with a spot-on remark about how it’s a pretty feeble attempt to recapture one’s long-past youth. He’ll get you every time with that one.”

People want to be liked, not summed up with perspicacious contempt.

Alan Bower (the subject of this story) is so repulsive because he tells people what they do not want to hear, with obviously malign intent. Too, Alan ruins everyone’s good time; he seems like the hipster archetype taken to its logical extreme, where nobody cares about much of anything save themselves, and even then, not too much.

I see something of Alan in many people on the alternative right (not really the right term, IMHO, but it’s descriptive enough for the moment). I don’t see this attitude accomplishing much. I am not criticizing people for acting like this––that would be hypocritical, as I’ve done it as well––but pretending this attitude doesn’t exist, or would vanish within days of certain taboos being lifted, is dishonest at best.

I think this attitude is, at bottom, an expression of frustration. Some people aren’t in a position to express this frustration in public, so it builds and curdles. This is especially true if you live in an echo chamber. It’s enormously satisfying to “dismantle the enthusiasm” of leftists. I’m just not sure if it does much good, aside from helping one maintain sanity––even though Haydn works even better for that purpose.

Though Bower’s reputation for amusingly tearing apart everyone and everything in his path is well known, his own passions remain a mystery. When pressed, no one who is acquainted with the scintillating killjoy could attribute anything even remotely resembling an authentic personality to him.

“Now that you mention it, I don’t think I’ve ever heard him say that he liked or enjoyed something,” said market research associate Kyle Sullivan, a former roommate of Bower. “Other than that he makes some pretty trenchant points about how annoying and pointless market research is, I guess I actually don’t know a whole lot about him.”

And this is another problem. People on the alternative right are by and large intelligent, and agree on many facts, even a few principles, but beyond that, what do they share? What non-political, impersonal interests do you associate with the alternative right/race realism? Are there any social groups in your area? A group united by negativity will sooner or later turn that negativity on one another––probably sooner.

Saying “we have the truth on our side” is deceptive, really it would be better if we were promoting some obvious absurdity, belief in which was necessary for group cohesion. The need to belong is stronger in almost everyone than the need to know the truth. Almost everyone needs to feel like they’re part of a group, even a group of two outcasts. Race realism, by itself, doesn’t offer much of a replacement for that feeling of belonging many leftists get from their group. Think about it. What would a truthful “sales pitch” look like? Something like this?:

You, too, can keep your beliefs secret from all but your closest loved ones, who will misunderstand you and try to sway you from “the dark side”! Argue with idiots––or stew in your silence! Get madder than Rorschach on ketamine! It’s like wearing They Live glasses that never come off!

It doesn’t have to be this way. There’s nothing inherently horrible about the truth. Think of what Joe Gillis told Norma Desmond: “There’s nothing tragic about being fifty. Not unless you’re trying to be twenty-five!” Right now, we can point out––in so many words––that the current zeitgeist is encouraging the Norma Desmonds of the world to try to be twenty-five forever––an impossible and destructive goal. Isn’t Alan Bower-esque commentary somewhat destructive as well?