HBD: Human Biodiversity

"An estimated 12,000 women"

The invaluable Daily Mail reports:

Although he had not long since had an affair with Madonna and had slept with an estimated 12,000 women -- everyone from Julie Christie to Natalie Wood, Joan Collins, Janice Dickinson to Cher -- he said at the time that he was deeply fulfilled to be a father.

But it seems that Warren Beatty's first (legitimate) born daughter, Kathlyn, now 18, even though she's not obviously all that unattractive, and even though she's sexually attracted to men, has decided to become a "boy." She wants everybody to call her "Stephen," and is prepping for "gender reassignment surgery." So that she can sorta kinda pretend to be a gay man, I guess.

Hey -- it's the new black! Or the old new black! Or something like that. Anyway, she gets to play at being a "victim," instead of a pampered scion of zillionaires, for fifteen minutes or so.

One gathers that Kathlyn/Stephen's mother, Annette Bening, is "utterly thrilled" with this interesting development, but that father Warren is "glum...tense, grey, and old" -- even "crushed."

"Warren knows he can't stop her from following her dream, but it's breaking his heart."

Well. What what can one say, but this:

Warren -- dude! 12,000 women? That's a (different) woman every day, every week, every month, every year, for more than thirty years! Just think of the vast army of your bastards, now growing up! From a Darwinian point of view, you're competing in the same league with Julius Caesar, Ghengis Khan, Wilt Chamberlain, Magic Johnson, and possibly even Bill Clinton!

So Kathlyn/Stephen won't be disseminating your genes any further.

Cry me a river.