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Qaddafi is Right! (About Muslim-Christian Segregation)

The usually ridiculous Colonel Muammar Qaddafi -- the dean of Arab tin-pot dictators and King of Kings in Africa -- was right in calling for the division of Nigeria between the Muslim north and the Christian-animist south. It is becoming apparent to the West that the only possible model of co-existence with Islam is separation.

In January and March, hundreds died in Muslim-Christian violence in the Nigerian city of Jos when Mohammedan Hausa-Fulani tribesmen armed with machetes slaughtered the Christian Yoruba and burned churches. This year’s massacres are repetitions of riots that took place in 2001 and 2008. As Philip Jenkins pointed out in The American Conservative, is situated right on the Tenth Parallel -- the dividing line between Muslim and Christian-animist Africa. Jos, like many other such towns in Nigeria is fractured beyond repair. Christians and Muslims even have different explanations for the city’s name. Christians say that Jos means “Jesus our Savior,” while Muslims assert that the name comes from the Arabic word jasad, meaning “body.”

Jos’s situation is not exclusive to Africa. One only needs to recall dozens of such cities in the Balkans and the Middle East. More recent examples include Paris, Marseille, Malmo, and Bradford -- cities with a large Mohammedan population that is hostile, unemployed, sociopathic, and unwilling to assimilate.

It is easy to dismiss the Colonel as an irate blowhard. However, only separation from Islam -- not only in Nigeria but worldwide -- will prevent further bloodshed. As history has shown, separation and population exchange is the only viable model for co-existence between Muslims and non-Muslims (think of Cyprus, Singapore, and Greece/Turkey). In Western Europe, this can be done by a moratorium on immigration from Turkey and the Arab world coupled with mass deportations of immigrant troublemakers such Norway’s Mullah Krekar and Belgium’s Arab European League. If the West does not take these steps, in a matter of years, the bloody fate of Jos will befall the cities of the Christian West.

Sometimes even Qaddafi is worth listening to.