Exit Strategies

Glitter Imperialism


This past June Rome’s Circus Maximus, where chariots were once raced in honor of emperors, was the site of the Europride-2011 festival. The Continent’s annual celebration of homosexuality also featured a special performance by a disturbingly popular entity known as Lady Gaga, a vocal supporter of the gay agenda[1]. The show was doubtless a hit with the million-strong crowd, and the carnival deemed a success, if only to remind the Vatican it operates in enemy-held territory. Yet Mme. Gaga wasn’t originally on the Europride billet- she needed some special persuasion from behind the scenes to make her grand appearance.

As it turns out, we can thank U.S. diplomacy for another round of last-minute heroics in the defense of freedom. American Ambassador to Italy David Thorne was ‘instrumental’ in bringing Gaga to the event, as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton revealed. But the Rome concert only serves as a symbol of the U.S. campaign to normalize homosexual practices throughout the world. In her address to the organization GLIFAA (Gays and Lesbians in Foreign Affairs Agencies) last week, Clinton enumerated State’s achievements on this front, from U.S. embassy employees helping organize a ‘pride’ march in Bratislava, Slovakia, to new gay-friendly UN resolutions and specialized aid for LGBT (in commissariat-speak, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered) refugees and sex workers. She then rallied the troops with this St. Crispin’s Day barn-burner:

I’ve always believed we could make progress because we were on the right side of equality and justice. Life is getting better for people in many places, and it will continue to get better thanks to our work. So I ask all of you to look for ways to support those who are on the front lines of this movement, who are defending themselves and the people they care about with great courage and resilience. This is one of the most important human rights struggles of all times. It’s not easy, but it is so rewarding.

Justice for homosexual victims of repression or abuse, actual or alleged, is incidental to wider U.S. aims. Washington seeks to enforce its writ through a universal human rights regime, and a tried and tested method of control is the institution of deviance. Over the course of a few generations or less, the war against the family undermines and subjugates entire societies; the evidence, of course, surrounds us in the modern West. In this sense U.S. foreign policy is inseparable from its ideological underpinnings, for the reign of equality is both means and end. American globalism’s road to power has always been inspired by democratic ideals.

While Clinton’s speech acknowledged U.S. promotion of gay rights in Africa and Latin America, State’s primary focus is Eurasia, not coincidentally the center of the Pentagon’s geostrategy. Eastern Europe and the former Soviet space have yet to be fully enlightened to current Western cultural standards, and so Orthodox nations like Serbia, Belarus and Russia are the target of U.S. information operations and well-funded human-rights NGOs. Along with subverting Moscow’s sphere of influence at this most intimate level (with adequate help from some Russian elites), Washington continues to assist the EU in the leveling of what was once Christendom. In every significant sense, from ethnic identity to religion and culture, European peoples have been marked for oblivion. Regardless of the contradiction to its homosexual agenda, U.S. policy also sponsors the growth of Muslim power on the Continent; both programs work toward the destruction of traditional Europe.

With regard to Islamic societies, it is notable that U.S. pressure for gay rights is largely absent, both in Clinton’s speech and in everyday diplomacy. Homosexuality in Dar-al-Islam is a widespread yet confusing phenomenon, with pederasty and severe punishments for it dually accepted as social norms. Washington first seeks to liberalize the Middle East politically and attain a degree of control over Muslim cultures not yet enjoyed before it embarks upon marshaling pride parades in Mecca. Besides, it needs Persian Gulf oil, so Secretary Clinton will leave a Lady Gaga tour of the Arab world to her successor.

In the gay liberation project, U.S. power, the lights of pop culture, media conglomerates and NGOs converge to enact the liberal dream of a global marketplace populated by free and equal human electrons, true only to their own desires. Yet desire unjust and unrestrained does not liberate; it enslaves. This brings us nearest to the essence of the postmodern empire, the tyrannical and all-consuming libido dominandi. The brazen lie of egalitarianism shows its bitter fruits in fashions ever more extreme and depraved. Through centuries of progress, Winthrop’s prophesied shining city on a hill has finally been realized. Its name is Sodom.

[1]Among other matters, Gaga, born in New Jersey as Stefani Germanotta and without noble title, is singer of a paean to Judas Iscariot. Small wonder she’s a darling of the media-entertainment complex!