Exit Strategies

Eternal Obsessions

Although Richard Hoste seems to be the polar opposite of Larry Auster, both of them are equally  driven by Jewish fixations. Auster considers anyone who fails to meet his fastidious standards of Jewish nationalism and anti-anti-Semitism to be a closet Nazi. Hoste by contrast can’t rein in his hatred for Israel and for anyone who sympathizes with that country’s geopolitical plight. If this is our choice of allies, then the non-aligned Right should be ready to close shop.

Fortunately I don’t think these our only alternatives. Richard Spencer urged contributors to drop any further discussion of what is a needlessly divisive issue, but Hoste’s positions are so intemperate that I can’t resist the impulse to exercise my privlege as a contributing editor and address them, before moving on. His views illustrate the silliness to which Israel-haters can be driven in their determination not to be associated with what Arab Muslims call “the Zionist entity.”

I most definitely do not have the impression that Richard Hoste is simply interested in disengaging from Middle Eastern affairs. Nor is he merely following the counsels of Ron Paul, who wishes to end giving foreign aid to any country anywhere. He also seems oblivious to an obvious point that Richard Spencer brings up, namely that the Palestinians, like the Israelis, are being flooded with American foreign aid. And it’s not just Israelis and Palestinians who are the beneficiaries of American largess: Palestinians, Egyptians and other Arabs are also receiving U.S. aid. And by the way, one of our most favored, aid-receiving nations is Egypt, whose Muslim population has been viciously attacking and even murdering Coptic Christians, with only sporadic attempts by the government to control this practice.

This brings up the problem of Hoste’s highly selective indignation against the Israelis, for expelling Palestinians just before the Jewish state was established. In this respect Hoste seems to be imitating the example of the one Jew he seems to like, Murray Rothbard, who, as Fate would have it, was my close friend. Unfortunately Murray was so rabidly anti-Israeli (I suspect because of the wars he waged with neocons and Jewish liberals) that he deplored the fact that the PLO would even negotiate with the Jewish occupants of their land. Murray hoped the Palestinians would drive out the Zionist interlopers and thereby end an occupation that pained him more than I would have been able to understand, were it not for the fact that Murray and I shared the same predominantly Jewish enemies. And these enemies were, not incidentally, fanatical Zionists as well as fans of a “moderate” federal welfare state and enthusiasts for the civil rights revolution, minus a few frills.

From reading Hoste, one would think that if only the American delegation to the UN stopped vetoing anti-Israeli resolutions, moral order would return to the universe. If only we lined up against Israel with leftist European countries, which are welcoming Muslim Fundamentalists and showering them with cultural funds, with assorted Third World thugocrats, and with such fine tolerant Muslim powers as Iran and Saudi Arabia, then we could fight for justice together. Presumably Israel is such a world-class offender against human decency that Ahmadinejad, Qaddafi, and other anti-Israeli spokesmen are still agonizing over the Israeli expulsion of Palestinians in 1947.

And for Hoste, this was the kind of evil act that should be etched in our memories forever. It was, indeed, far worse that what the American government did to Indians, when it starved and dispossessed them in the 19th century, or what befell millions of Volksdeutsche, who were murdered or expelled from Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia after the Second World War. Perhaps we should encourage the UN to pass resolutions against other countries that have expelled unwelcome populations. The trouble with implementing such a policy is that no one’s hands are clean. Every country came into existence by expelling or suppressing someone.

Moreover, unlike other countries in the UN, whose persecutions are entirely one-sided, for example the horrendous treatment accorded to Zoroastrians by the Iranian Islamic Republic, Israel grants the almost one million Palestinians within its borders civil and religious rights. The Palestinians on the West Bank are clearly not treated as well, but this population has been engaged in terrorist acts against the Israeli populations and supports political movements dedicated to the destruction of the Israeli state.

At some point the Israelis will to have to unload this Albatross around their necks, but it is foolish to compare their treatment of the Palestinians on the West Bank to Hitler’s brutalization and extermination of the Jews. Far worse persecutions than the Israeli occupation of the West Bank go on daily in African tribal warfare and through the efforts of Muslim governments to impose Sharia on their unwilling or disobedient subjects. Further, while the Israelis were kicking out Palestinians, at least some of whom had taken up arms against them, the Arab countries were treating their Jewish minorities so wretchedly that many of them left and went to Israel. And so a population exchange occurred in which the Israelis had to take in and pay for Arab Jews while the adjacent Arab states got stuck with Palestinian refugees. Needless to say, the Israelis have done better with their refugees than those Arab states to which the Palestinians came in large numbers. Unlike the Palestinians in Syria and Jordan, Jewish refugees do not live in ghastly refugee camps.

Note we’re not arguing that Israel came into existence in accordance with the Beatitudes. It does not exist as an earthly representation of the Kingdom of God. It is also clearly not the kind of global democracy that the neocons and ADL pretend it is. It is an ethnic nation, like other ethnic nations. But I can’t imagine why we on the right would find this disgraceful. It is the Left and the neocons who want countries to practice “diversity.” The lack of this quality in Israel should not be driving the real Right up the wall. It is foolish to blame the Israelis because they do not follow the dubious model propounded by American Jews, and millions of American Christians, for Western societies.

It also seems to me that Israel behaves a lot better than most of the countries that denounced it in UN ritualistically. One could only imagine (but perhaps one shouldn’t) what Arab Muslim or sub-Saharan governments would do if faced by the same insurrectionary forces. Unlike Hoste, I do not feel any inclination to be identified with most of these anti-Israeli regimes; and one must wonder why a rightwing Westerner would feel differently. If Hoste doesn’t like Israel, then no one is forcing him to visit it. Equally relevant: if he thinks Israel, and our other clients, should not be receiving American foreign aid, then he is expressing a reasonable position. But when he starts beating up on Israel as a country that is even less just than its UN critics, then I suspect something else must be going on in his head. Hoste may be driven by the same anger that I notice among those who specialize in unveiling Jewish conspiracies or unmasking “the eternal Jew.” One would hope that a serious Right could get beyond such peeves and fantasies.