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Scapegoating American Boys to Excuse and Protect Jihadis


With shameless and shocking gall, Syrian-American author Alia Malek provided cover for domestic Jihadis by blaming American boys and American masculinity in her recent op-ed for The Christian Science Monitor.

"American Jihadis: Blame violence-prone boys, not Islam"

Malek has admittedly made a career for herself as a left-wing apologist for Islam, exploiting Civil Rights Movement sentimentality to sweep anti-Islamicization sentiment under the rug and, one suspects, to prime America for the kind of "submission" to Mohammedans currently practiced by multiculturalist European governments. She begins with a brazen statement, based entirely on anti-male feminist propaganda:

American Jihadis are not a product of Islam. Their emergence is connected to issues of gender and a growing acceptance of violence in America.

To begin with, the idea that there is a growing acceptance of boyhood violence is not merely a distortion, it's an outright lie.

At the turn of the 20th Century, it was more or less accepted that growing boys would get into fistfights. They read lurid stories of cowboys and Indians and famous gunslingers. We are told that young boys often acted out these "violent" stories in play, just as they have played at sword-fighting and wrestling and other forms of combat throughout the entire history of the Western world. Boys used to carry pocket knives and punch each other and kill things. Read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and then read this recent story about an 8-year-old boy who received a suspension because he accidentally brought a 4-inch toy gun built for an action figure to school. This is not a terribly unusual incident. The slightest apparition of violent boyhood masculinity is already suppressed at a panicked zero-tolerance level throughout the American public educational system.

Is the boyhood "culture of violence" suppressed to anywhere near the same extent in the Muslim world? Hardly. American culture is not creating Jihadis. Jihadis are indoctrinating Jihadis, and Malek's blame-American-males-first mentality only gives our enemies within more breathing room.

This "culture of violence" bullshit is a lie that feminists use to attack heroic masculinity and create a sense that there is something wrong with American men that can only be fixed by the abandonment of all traditional male gender roles and the adoption of neutered, safe and feminist-approved "masculinities." Only when all men ask, "Mother May I?" before they think or act will craven feminist males like Jackson Katz accept that they have abandoned their toxic "tough guise" of masculinity. Jackson Katz is probably exactly the sort of "expert" that Malek wants to invite into the "conversation" about violent boyhood masculinity to show how it --  not the promoters or enablers of radical Islam -- is responsible for America's homegrown Jihadis.

Who is Alia Malek to blame the culture of "violence-prone" American boys when the most well known figures among her own people promote the indiscriminate killing of women and children and civilians in the name of Allah?

The wholesale condemnation of male violence is deeply flawed because it fails to distinguish between heroic violence and anti-heroic, criminal, immoral and cowardly violence. The vast majority of the most lauded "violent" men in contemporary pop cultures are still heroes. Many are superheroes -- comic book defenders of truth and justice and order. They save women and children and weaker men from the hands of the villains who would prey on them. American boys love this stuff. But we refuse to tell boys that men must be both strong and just in real life -- like the heroes they love in myth and fiction -- because our womanly institutions officially despise all violence and the assertion that men should be strong is offensive to feminists.

When a nation shows a civilized horror of war, it receives directly the punishment of its mistake. God changes its sex, despoils it of its common mark of virility, changes it into a feminine nation, and sends conquerors to ravish it of its honor.

-- Juan Donoso Cortés

We live in an imperfect world, and humans are an imperfect species. There is violence in our world, and so long as there are wicked men, there must be just men who are willing to use violence to stop them. America doesn't need feminists or terrorist-apologists like Malek to re-shape the minds of American boys.

Jihadis despise American men -- they believe that Americans are weak, decadent and cowardly. They see that we already let our women run us and tell us how to be men. Perhaps these American Jihadis are less caught up in our "culture of violence" than they are disgusted by our culture of weakness. Perhaps they believe they are picking what Osama Bin Laden famously called "the strong horse."

American boys need a culture that promotes both strength and justice. After years of being stifled and treated like "violence-prone" monsters guilty of maleness, they often look to the first "strong horse" they can find for guidance on how to be a man. It is our official distaste for the celebration of virtuous, masculine, heroic violence -- not our embrace of violence -- that sends young American males looking for strong horses in all the wrong places.

As for Malek...

Recently, I've said that Men of the West need to start drawing lines in the sand. That we need to start saying "NO." This is one of those moments.

NO, "violence-prone" boys are not to blame for the acts of terrorists and traitors.

The only part of American culture that is to blame for American Jihad is the self-hating, self-denying, multiculturalist, womanly element in the West that aids and abets Jihadis as it desperately tries to pin responsibility for heinous, treacherous acts of violence on anyone but those who actively promote them and carry them out.

Alia Malek is an enemy of Western Men.