Exit Strategies



The Pentagon has begun field testing for a new and devastating experimental weapon still shrouded under a cloak of secrecy. A spin-off of anti-gravity technologies, the highly anticipated platform operates on the latest developments in the realm of “anti-logic”. Its use will enable our information warriors to defy reason and intellect, paralyzing an opponent with unrelenting streams of contradiction as well as sheer nonsense.

DOD’s anti-logic weapon underwent its first trial run this summer, as it was rushed into action amidst the Koran-burning controversy. An obscure Florida pastor’s plan to barbecue the Muslim holy book on September 11th was foiled, one suspects, largely due to the intervention of General David Petraeus, commander of U.S. and Coalition forces in Afghanistan. Deploying the anti-logic technology, Petraeus spoke against such an act, since it would “endanger troops” in his theater of responsibility. While the wisdom of the pastor’s step was very doubtful, Petraeus in his victory managed to obliterate truth and standards of reason. After all, the actual threat to U.S. troops stems not from a small Florida church’s play at publicity, but from occupying Afghanistan.

In the Postmodern Empire, news serves not so much to inform, but to blind, distract and intimidate. Our much-celebrated information age is defined by an incoherence that permeates society. Welcome to Absurdistan.

Russian traditionalist and science-fiction author Natalya Irtenina accurately diagnoses this disorder as the logical outcome of a culture’s flight from the Transcendent into revolutionary fantasies of liberty, equality and progress. She goes on to analyze the anti-traditional worldview and its manifestations, specifically within the domain of mass media.

Contemporary information technologies are founded, as a rule, on the rejection of

1) Principles of hierarchy, i.e. division of information into categories of important, secondary and negligible;

2) Principles of binary logic- the very significance of the antithesis “important – unimportant”, “necessary- unnecessary”, etc. is lost, and in the applications of mass media these concepts are made meaningless;

3) Unique connections- any information can undergo endless transformations and interpretations, thereby creating various pictures of the world, and any fact can be replaced by any other- the field of possibilities is limitless, and cultural conventions allow for it.

The collapse of values and ideas into an endless net-like structure can be viewed not only as the triumph of relativism, but also as a culminating moment of the liberal project. Where absurdity envelops what is left of a civilization, wars to impose democracy and today’s fashion tips enjoy equal value. The most varied images and sounds emanate through our televisions and internet newsfeeds in transitory fragments, and just as quickly they disintegrate into our subconscious. Western managerial elites wield data flows not to impart knowledge, but rather to impress certain emotions upon readers and viewers for profit and political control.

This jarring discontinuity surprises no one and registers with few, and perhaps nowhere is it more evident than in America’s spiral of decadence and imperial decline. President Obama chats up the women of a day-time talk show, The View, and perhaps within only hours of his appearance approves the movements of U.S. forces positioned across the world. GOP presidential hopeful Sarah Palin recites talking points on the sacred cause of Washington’s global supremacy, and then appears with her celebrity-seeking daughter on the program Dancing with the Stars. The surreal has swallowed our civilization, and any remaining distinctions between parody and public life melt away.

Discourse shifts within seconds from the sexual narcissism of average Americans to scenes of death and destruction abroad, and back. The latest market research, for example, has determined that women feel “sexy” when carrying Victoria’s Secret handbags; only a click away is a report on ongoing U.S. efforts to suborn Kandahar. We learn in passing that sixteen American soldiers have been killed in the course of operations there, and that a number of Taliban fighters and Pashtun villagers in Pakistan’s northwest were recently blown apart by Predator drones. Conservative, God-fearing Fox News tells us the CIA is carrying out these strikes to disrupt a plot by terror cells across Europe. Simultaneously Fox, the flagship of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation conglomerate, hoists a ringing endorsement of pornography and masturbation underneath the terrorism story. Fellow-citizens take daily excursions into what Irtenina terms our virtual apocalypse, where endurance of the Last Judgment is swapped out for a record total of kills in a game or the successful resolution to a sitcom.

For an observer of only moderate discretion, the rapidity and volume of what amounts to a continuous tidal wave of trivia and garbage is striking. Even more crucial is to recognize its underlying function. The self-isolating liberation of desire in individuals both drives and facilitates U.S. Empire, at least for a time. And the profligacy and consumption lifestyle so intensively marketed to Americans by Wall Street are directly related to the quest to lock down energy resources in Eurasia.

Facing Muslim militancy from the sands of the Maghreb to the peaks of Afghanistan, Washington capitalizes on the situation by expanding its sphere of control. The ideological justification given for this is the call to share the Gospel of the Open Society, with science diplomacy and generous foreign aid to outright bombardment, invasion and occupation the methods of proselytism.

Like Marxism-Leninism, liberal democracy has a universal mandate- it must spread to the ends of the Earth or perish. The regnant ideology behind American power allows for no higher value than platitudes on “free nations, open markets and social progress”, and even the frenzy of missionary wars and so-called institution-building cannot conceal the gaping meaninglessness beneath it all. Any substantive opposition rooted in religious faith, culture and ethnic identity must be delegitimized and wiped out, as the Serbs experienced just over a decade ago under the shadow of NATO cruise missiles.

Also ironically akin to Soviet Communism, the Open Society could be meeting the beginning of its end in the treacherous valleys of the Hindu Kush. Why are U.S. troops sent to foster “good governance” in HelmandProvince and elsewhere, besides effectively running protection for pederast warlords who make a killing in the global heroin trade?

The answer to this question is multifaceted but rather straightforward. U.S. interventions in the Islamic world will continue so that our deluded nations may prolong the liberal dream, that the Brave New World will overcome any and all resistance from the East or West. So that Muslim demographics and power in our lands will only grow in strength, with churches made into mosques, death threats to cartoonists in hiding and interminable terror alerts. So that the emptying-out of the Western soul may proceed, that the bearers of our blessed and honorable heritage are condemned to dissolution, and that the chaos at the hollow core of the Postmodern Empire shall overrun us. And all of this will doubtless be covered in real-time on Fox & Friends, with today’s scoreboard highlights brought to you by Cialis.

Absurdistan is not just a label for one of Washington’s trillion-dollar carnage-laden adventures in the wilds of Central Asia; it is a state of mind. We are all in some degree subject to its power, but duty-bound to resist its seductions and lies. By lies and fantasies the regime may sustain itself, yet under their weight it will also implode. The struggle to affirm Truth will hasten that day.