Wilders's Program


Here’s an interview with Geert Wilders on Australian TV.

Near the end, the broadcaster asks if Wilders would ask every immigrant whether he’s a Muslim or not.  The Dutch politician responds that he only says that there should be no immigration from Muslim countries.  The Australian asks specifically if that means a Jew from Egypt or Christian from Lebanon can’t come to the Netherlands.  Wilders says they would be banned.  This doesn’t make sense and indicates the PVV leader isn’t just worried about Muslim immigration, but non-Westerners in general.  He just can’t say that and uses Muslims as his boogeymen, which practically makes a lot of sense.

There are 47 majority-Muslim countries in the world, which means that a Wilders program would effectively ban half of the third world, including just about all poor non-Westerners in closest proximity to Europe (the entire Middle East, the top half of Africa, and the Stans). Those worried about third world immigration but somewhat turned off by his constant harping on Islam and over-the-top support of Israel should thus support Wilders, as ending Muslim immigration basically means doing away with the vast majority of total immigration.

It’s interesting that Wilders is himself partly of Indonesian descent, since his program would not allow anybody from that country into the Netherlands.  From Wikipedia,

In a biography, Wilders himself seems to play down his Indo heritage. Anthropologist Lizzy van Leeuwen analyses Wilders' Eastern heritage with the concept of displacedness, and classifies his standpoints as "post-colonialrevanchism". This analysis is met with agreement in Indo communities. However, in an interview, Wilders denied van Leeuwens' speculations.

Ignoring the post-colonial gibberish, could trying to cover up his Indo heritage be the motivation for Wilders’s absurd dye job? Wilders's hair has always made me suspicious of him, as there's just something not right about an originally dark-haired (I think) but now graying 50 year-old man wanting to be a blond.  Now I think I understand.