The Good Sarah Palin

The story among Paleos, Traditionalists, National Anarchists, White Nationalists, Far Rightist et al. is that they have a certain affection for what Sarah Palin represents -- that place in the heart known as the "Real America" -- but then generally loathe her policies: namely, war, statism, Christian-Zionism, Republican partisanship (particularly with regard to female “Pink Elephants”), and more war.

This has something to do with fact that Sarah was “discovered” and promoted by Bill Kristol, and put before the Republican White Christian base as a last ditch effort to elect the neocon’s savior. But it also has something to do with the fact that she doesn’t seem to have made up her mind up about much. Over the past decade, Sarah has embraced, among of things, Buchananism, the Austrian Theory of the Business Cycle, and Kenyan anti-witchcraft.

After dealing with Sarah for two years, it’s become hard for me to even imagine what it would be like to have an Aryan Fertility Goddess on the political scene who actually consistently promoted sound policies.

Denmark has got one in the person of Pia Kjærsgaard, the former homemaker who’s aiming to restrict all non-European immigration from her country.

The Bolton Patriot reports,

Denmark’s Danish People’s Party has announced its intention to call a complete halt to all Third World immigration into that country in a move which is bound to raise tensions within the Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) political group in the European Parliament.

The Dansk Folkeparti (DF), led by Pia Kjærsgaard, is the third largest political party in Denmark and while not part of the cabinet, maintains a close cooperation with the government parties on most issues.

In return for their parliamentary support, the DF has been able to influence government legislation designed to clamp down on immigration and “asylum seekers.”

Now the party appears to be on the brink of accepting that Third World immigration per se is destructive to Denmark.

On Tuesday, the party began its 2010 summer group meeting in Vejle, Jutland, where the new measure is under discussion. The policy is, according to the Danish media, a “continuation of the proposal the party made last month to toughen the 24-year rule for foreign spouses of Danes.”

Ht: National Policy Institute