The God of Tolerance

The God of Tolerance is a jealous and hungry god and demands many sacrifices. First he calls for human blood, and in the vast polyglot societies whose social engineering he has overseen, it is duly delivered up, either at the hands of a group of Al Qaeda wannabes or, as in the latest case, the mysterious motorcycle gunman of Toulouse, supposedly driven to murder by the kind of political debate that occasionally accompanies elections in the supposedly free world.

Next the God demands tearful close ups of grieving relatives and little informational haikus of how the murders happened. Already the mental picture of the killer catching a little girl by her hair so he wouldn’t have to waste a second bullet on her has been disseminated through the tireless media.

Such is the tasteless visual and informational incense of the climatic ceremony now under way. This is a greater sacrifice and a far more horrifying one than the blood of a handful of mortals; for what the God of Tolerance most demands is the sacrifice of eternal principles: honesty, truth, reason, freedom of thought, and public debate.

As long as such things exist, tolerance can only live a shadowy half life, based on distance, boundaries, and carefully nurtured mutual respect between the various groups that make up humanity. But, in order to be a truly great god, alongside his brothers Mammon and Jehovah, the God of Tolerance needs his essence to be enacted at all times in every human heart, to be an omnipresent and continuous fact, and this He can only achieve through spreading His "Dictatorship of Tolerance" through His willing minions.

Once the ways of recognizing, evaluating, and expressing the contradictions of the modern multicultural society have been led to the top of His pyramid and ripped apart, the God of Tolerance can lean back on His golden thrown and cast His baleful one-eyed glow of approval across the land He has created, a zone of blind and brutal coexistence, where its inhabitants in their pointless kaleidoscopic variety, rub up against one another, suspiciously eyeing each other and shuffling around in awkward silence as they hunt through their own tortured minds for the thoughts that they know they must stifle.

Once again, following the news from Toulouse, this ritual is being acted out as it was last year in Norway. Once again we have the dead signified to us by distraught relatives and details, the platitudes about the sacredness of transient life, and the suggestion that what we really need to sacrifice are our eternal principles. With the usual calls to hate hate and remember those we never knew have come demands that the subjects of immigration, race, and the cultural incompatibility of French and Islamic culture be dropped from this and all future French presidential campaigns.

This has been accompanied by claims that the murder of the Jews of Toulouse was directly triggered by various statements made by among others, Claude Guéant, the interior minister, and President Sarkozy in a political climate partly created by the National Front.

Although Sarkozy was obviously motivated by tactical considerations – namely depressing National Front support in the first round to ensure he finishes at least second then hoovering up their suppport in the second round to try and overhaul the Socialist frontrunner – his party’s use of coded language about immigration and race was helping to breach the default curtain of cant and denial that usually surrounds race, immigration, and exigration issues in any multicultural Western country.

Whether this was the trigger or not is of course largely irrelevant. For an event to be ‘triggered’ the ‘gun’ already needs to exist and be loaded. Quite clearly the killer by the way in which he has acted was no novice to whatever demons drive him. Whether he was, like Breivik, driven by the increasing demographic and cultural threat to his people or whether he turns out to be something quite different remains to be seen; but the one thing that is clear is the message now being sent out by the liberal media. We are being told once again that discussing race inevitably stirs up hatred, and that stirring up hatred is the same as shooting a small Jewish girl in the head at point blank range, which is the same as gassing six million Jews, etc., etc.

The God of Tolerance is among us once again, turning our words to silence, our thoughts to fog, and shrouding the elephant in the room with His cloak of invisibility. Fall down all ye and worship the God of Tolerance!